'Happy Endings' is Officially Dead

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June 28th, 2013

Happy Endings May 2

Sony has abandoned its attempts to find a new home for comedy Happy Endings. The low rated series was canceled by ABC after a season in which it aired on three different days (Tuesday, Sunday and Friday.)  Sony hoped that like Cougar Town, the show would find a home on cable. Unfortunately, USA and several other channels passed. TVLine reports tha, with the cast's contract due to expire this weekend, t the studio that has eked out renewals for so many marginally rated shows has officially given up on Happy Endings.

  • Nikki

    Some of these comments are so immature. The Flop thing is getting old, and it wasnt funny to begin with. Give it a rest already would ya.

  • Nikki

    Id say Happy Endings might have a chance on ABCFamily but if im not mistaken it aired on that network for a while and then got pulled. Plus ABCFamily has its plate full with their own shows. Speaking of when will we hear about Bunheads and The Lying Game??

  • Dan

    @SJ – Til Death and Rules are likely more cheaper, plus Rules always got good ratings to justify it’s syndication based renewal. FOX also had no comedies at the time. ABC has a lot of comedies.

    I agree that its a big surprise that its very close to syndication and nothing would save it. USA would be better off launching their new comedies with a familiar comedy like Happy Endings along with Modern Family repeats then going at it alone but apparently they think different.

  • B Hop

    I hate life..

  • Foeman

    NOOOOOO ! I love you !! :(

  • tommie


    Not a happy ending.

  • Kira Brewer

    Never watched

  • Ram510

    Well on a positive not at least we’ll get to see Coach return on New Girl. Which is awesome cause Winston is a useless, unfunny character that drags the show down. They can just write him off now, no one will miss him.

  • Ram510


    That’s sad cause Body of Proof could’ve done well one A&E or TNT paired with one of their old skewing cop shows, oh well

  • forg

    Sad that HE is officially gone but to those saying ABC never gave it a shot, ABC mishandled the program, sure but never gave it a shot? Season 1 had weak ratings but it was renewed and got the post-MF slot, so how was that for not getting a chance?

    I thought that Better With You should have gotten that renewal that season over HE because it managed to get a major bump for its last ep against the then dominant Idol. But I like HE’s cast so I was OK with that.

    Some HE fans are pretty condescending eh? Picking on mass sitcom hits and call the fans idiots is sure a class act for a “smart sitcom” fan.

  • tv_viewer

    The Big Bang Theory was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy by the Television Critics Association in 2013. Happy Endings wasn’t nominated in 2013. Not all Big Bang Theory fans are “idiots.”

    Because the contracts are due to expire this weekend, the cancellation bear must wait until Monday to make a happy meal out of Happy Endings.

  • Stop the Flop

    @Nikki: Totally agreed. I figure the people that do the whole “replace a word in a low-rated show’s title with ‘flop'” thing got the idea from the Britney haters that would call her Flopney Spears in the comments when the X-Factor wasn’t doing as well as people expected.

  • Kaaboom

    Really upset about this. Loved this show. :(

  • Pavelsauce

    I already do, thank you very much.

  • Brendan

    My heart is broken today. This show was a complete gem.

  • Joseph

    @Flop Detector:

    I suspect you maintain the Cancellation Bear’s lair.

    And he probably convinced the USA Network not to pick-up “happy Ebndings”.

  • Joseph

    If “Happy Endings” had been dropped by the network 15-20 years ago, production could have been continued for first-run syndication with local stations picking up the show to run at 7 or 7:30 P.M. ET/PT on Saturdays.

    But in recent years, first-run “access” (intended to air at 7 or 7:30 P.m. ET/PT) “strips” (five days a week) have also produced episodes (or syndicated reruns of earlier episodes) for Saturday. The result is that in many cities, top “prime access” shows now run six days a week, which have frozen-out the 7 P.M. hour on Saturdays, which were the “natural” home for first-run weekly syndicated programs.

  • HalCapone

    The best, most brilliant, original, refreshing comedy on television in decades!!! The writing was masterful 99.9% of the time and the cast chemistry was spot-on. I will miss it terribly but will have all the episodes on DVD to replay forever.

    you obviously listen too slowly:)

  • ToXiX

    @FLOP detector

    I don’t care about Happy Endings but your posts are ignorant as f-u-c-k

    None of your posts even make sense you just try to squeeze flop into every shows name.

    Kill yourself, lame.

  • a p garcia

    Never did like the show from the beginning, but I hope the bear liked it!

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