'Happy Endings' is Officially Dead

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June 28th, 2013

Happy Endings May 2

Sony has abandoned its attempts to find a new home for comedy Happy Endings. The low rated series was canceled by ABC after a season in which it aired on three different days (Tuesday, Sunday and Friday.)  Sony hoped that like Cougar Town, the show would find a home on cable. Unfortunately, USA and several other channels passed. TVLine reports tha, with the cast's contract due to expire this weekend, t the studio that has eked out renewals for so many marginally rated shows has officially given up on Happy Endings.

  • K

    @IDIOT Detector

    Thank you for the actors name, He was in the very first episode of HE, but he also tested out for New Girl and left. That is how Mr Wayans got the call to replace him, look it up:}

  • Schadenfreude

    One of the most desperately unfunny sitcoms ever; good riddance.

  • Annoyed in MI

    At the very least, read your articles once before posting them. There are only five sentences and it has a botched copy and paste. How difficult is it to review such a short article? This happens a lot on this site and it comes across as amateurish.

  • joel

    If you want to whine about a good show being cancelled focus your energy on the B in Apt 23, because your efforts are completely wasted here.

  • Michael1

    When it couldn’t beat what USA was putting up against it, the writing was pretty much on the wall. I didn’t like Jane at the beginning, but when they toned her down, the ratings seemed to follow. Oh well, I’m sure the cast will find their way onto other shows.

  • cas127

    Attention PR fluffers –

    You can stop spinning now – the checks are about to stop.

  • mburns

    Another friends wanna be bites the dust. Good riddance. Friends was a crappy show to begin and all the clones that have come after it are just the TV version of all those crappy theatrical rom-coms starring Katherine Heigel/Kate Hudson etc.

    Apartment 23 on the other hand I will miss. Too bad on that one.

  • Steve

    Sucks that the network that picked up Cougar Town could have picked this show up and paired them together next season.

    RIP Happy Endings. I will really miss this show.

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