NBC Negotiating 10/90 Series Order for New Roseanne Barr Comedy

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June 28th, 2013


The so-called 10/90 series order, in which if the first ten episodes of a new comedy hit a predetermined ratings benchmark a 90 episode order is triggered, has become common in cable. Anger Management, the TBS Tyler Perry comedies and an upcoming Kelsey Grammer/Martin Lawrence series all use it. Now NBC is strongly considering bringing the production model to broadcast television. Deadline reports that the network is finalizing a 10/90 deal for a new family comedy starring Roseanne Barr that will be written by Nurse Jackie creator Linda Wallen. Given that Anger Management started out strong then declined, and that several recent NBC series, including Go On debuted big then fell to cancellation level ratings, this is a risky move. 90 episodes is equivalent to four full broadcast seasons. The script has not even been completed yet, so it's probably premature to order a new Untitled New Roseanne Comedy DVD box set.

  • merrrranga

    tyler perry: ruining the already low standards in entertainment, one medium at a time. imagine what he could do to radio!

  • jj

    that is insane

  • Danak

    This ought to be interesting. Success or major crash and burn?

  • joeydavid.com

    Sorry, but Nurse Jackie is not funny and is a bore, I only watch it because Edie Falco is on it as I am a fan. Otherwise without her, I wouldn’t be watching. I never laughed at this show, so if comedy is in the works for Roseanne, it will fail.

  • Mega64

    Because it worked so well for Anger Management.

    Then again, even if it bombs it surely wouldn’t be any worse ratings-wise than most of the comedies they canceled last season, so maybe it’s not that huge a risk.

  • DenverDean

    Considering you only need between a .8 – 1.2 to be a “hit” on NBC, the benchmark will be low.

  • Jt

    Would this be for the 2013-2014 tv season?

  • jj

    haha very true denver

  • NBCisking

    I can see why NBC might do this. They got rid of 7 sitcoms last year so they might not want to invest to much in a show early on yet if the show does get pick up for 90 more they will be stuck with the show and if it start to do bad they are like FX being stuck with a show with bad ratings.

  • Ultima

    Considering you only need between a .8 – 1.2 to be a “hit” on NBC, the benchmark will be low.

    Are you suggesting that all of NBC’s new sitcoms last year were hits, but they canceled them anyways?

  • rob60990

    I understand a cable network doing it but a broadcast network doing this just seems like a disaster. Of course a sitcom starring Roseanne is going to premiere well and be high the first few episodes.

  • jj

    i predict a renewal after 2 episodes and a complete disaster afterwards…when was roseanne last relavant?

  • Ultima

    i predict a renewal after 2 episodes and a complete disaster afterwards

    The concept of a 10/90 series order seems to be completely lost on you.

    Read the first sentence of the article again. Then maybe find a gradeschooler to help explain it to you.

  • Nick

    I understand that NBC really wants to get Roseanne in a new sitcom, but I don’t understand why they think this is the way to do it. Will the first season be 10 episodes and the next 3 seasons 30 episodes? Would it air over the course of 3.5 years or would they air them nonstop all year round?

    I agree that Roseanne in a new sitcom is a great idea, but why not get her a good show, good writers, good cast, and make it an event? This 10/90 stuff does not equate to event television, and therefore does not bring in the ratings.

  • coonio

    didn’t Fx make the same mistake with Anger Management?

  • Dan

    So I guess this is the new normal for networks, find a big star who was the head of a previously successful sitcom (Charlie Sheen, George Lopez, Kelsey Grammer, Martin Lawrence) plop them in a new show using the 10/90 model and if it seems like the show is doing ok it gets 90 more eps and then likely does horribly.

    The only problem is that this can’t be done on a broadcast network because of different standards and unlike cable, if a show flops, it can’t be kept during the broadcast season

  • Fake Me Out

    If the gods that rule over TMZ and the like have any influence please, Please, PLEASE have a new show developed that puts Charlie Sheen & Roseanne toget on the same stage! Irresistible force please meet immovable object … behind the scenes hilarity ensues. Oh, and toss in Andy Dick for sh*** ‘n giggles. Anyone else we could add to this titanic series?

  • The Mike Factor

    Actually I think he was making a joke.

  • Oliver

    Hopefully this will bomb, Greenblatt will be fired and NBC will hire a replacement that won’t drag the network into the ground through questionable strategic decisions.

  • Matt

    I think this is excellent. Hate Roseanne all you want but the simple fact is that her CC Roast was huge and her eponymous sitcom airs about 30 times per day on a variety of cable networks. Clearly America hasn’t fallen out of of love with her. This show will be a hit, mark my word.

    I still think NBC made a tremendous error in passing on Downwardly Mobile, while I have not seen the pilot nor read the script, I am certain that the reunion of Barr and John Goodman would have been a ratings smash which would have sustained if it was well done.

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