Salt Lake City NBC Station will Finally Carry 'Saturday Night Live'

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June 28th, 2013


Maybe Saturday Night Live has truly lost its edge. KSL, the Mormon owned NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City, which has refused to air the longrunning comedy show for years, has now decided that the show meets its standards. Deadline reports that KSL posted the news on its Facebook page, writing, "Programming Note: Starting this fall, KSL is pleased to welcome Saturday Night Live to its weekly line-up, on Saturday nights at 10:30. More changes and updates to the fall line-up are coming soon – stay with us and we’ll keep you posted!"

KSL has refused to air numerous NBC programs. This season it nixed Hannibal and The New Normal.

  • Chris

    They must mistakenly believe Stefon’s gone for good…. :)

  • merrrranga


    yeah, they probably couldn’t handle all those confusing feelings…

  • CrimTV

    this is the worst affiliate ever. I feel sorry for anyone who has this station

  • MichaelChickless

    This can only lead to sinful things, like indoor plumbing.

  • Julian Montes

    KSL-TV is not an official NBC affiliate, if it doesn’t air all the NBC shows. An official NBC affiliate must air all the NBC shows.

  • Joseph

    Maybe NBC threatened to yank KSL’s affiliation with the network.

  • Joseph

    Might “Saturday Night Live” celebrate their finally being seen on KSL by originating a live show from Salt Lake City this Fall??

  • Kevin K

    Julian, they can be a part time affiliate. We have one here in Connecticut. It’s an independent ABC affiliate. They carry the ABC shows, but retain the right to air their own programming at any time.

  • Rich

    KSL started as a CBS/ABC/Dumont station in1949. It became an NBC affiliate in 1995 after an affilation/channel swap with CBS,at which time SNL was dropped and switched to an indie station.

  • E

    Anyone have any idea who will be the host for the first ANL episode of the new season in September? Or is it too early?

  • golfman

    Julian–I believe you are laboring under a misconception. Affiliates aren’t required to take all of the network’s programming. There have been numerous cases throughout the years where affiliates don’t air network shows.

    In fact, a good example came up about a month ago. I was in Baltimore during the weekend of the Preakness Stakes visiting a relative. The day of the Preakness, NBC was carrying a Blackhawks-Red Wings Stanley Cup playoff game. However, the NBC Baltimore affiliate did not carry the game and instead aired it’s own locally produced coverage of the Preakness under card races, which left us Hawk fans quite disappointed.

    The local coverage lasted until 4:00 pm ET, when the network began Preakness coverage after the hockey game.

  • MichaelChickless

    Posted by Joseph June 28
    Might “Saturday Night Live” celebrate their finally being seen on KSL by originating a live show from Salt Lake City this Fall??


  • DenverDean

    Actually, KSL offered to air SNL in a different time slot, since it already had the popular sports show. It WAS NBC that chose to move it to another station.

    Oh, let’s not forget that Hockeytown (Detroit), did not air Game 6 of Stanley Cup and neither did Seattle.

    KSL got heat for not air Playboy Club, TNN and Coupling. How long did those shows last? Hannibal, I totally understand. For all the hype – it is a ratings dog. It would do so much better on a cable network anyway.

  • JoeHamm


    The Stanley Cup Finals didn’t necessarily air directly on the NBC affiliate here in Seattle, they shuffled it off to sister station KONG, as they have for some time. Don’t really see the reason for that. Maybe that’ll change when we finally get an NHL franchise here. Who knows?

  • JoeHamm

    It’s likely because more people in the Seattle area would prefer to tune into the CBC affiliate in Vancouver for Hockey. Seems reasonable enough.

  • joel

    I see a lot of Mormon sketches coming this season.

  • jessica


    Seattle’s NBC affiliate KING has a long tradition of dumping low-rated late-afternoon hockey onto their secondary station KONG. It wasn’t because it was a Boston vs Chicago contest; they do it every year, even when Vancouver is in the finals.

    As for KSL carrying Saturday Night Live, i wonder if they will change their mind about Hannibal should it last 19 seasons. :) Still, 19 years is one of the fastest times the LDS church has ‘changed its mind’ on anything.

  • Dan

    So now that the show officially sucks, Salt Lake City wants to carry it?

  • Jubal Gaudshaw

    Finally…the truth comes out, for 30 years I have been telling my friends and relatives that Utah is totally cool with sex and beer, always have seen evidence of extensive usage of both.
    Seems that a church official finally gave in to pressure and decided to shake their true tail feathers, look out world, hell hath no fury like LDS party animals!
    As they, the true believers, amass on the Western edge of The Great Salt Lake, their collective eye on Reno, SF and LA, panic ensues, the Mormon Overlords are about to descend on the Left Coast via SNL.

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