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June 28th, 2013


Cult returns tonight with two back-to-back episodes for its summer burn-off. It was the rare scripted show pulled from the CW before all of its episodes aired, after being exiled from its original Tuesday at 9PM timeslot to Friday nights. The very meta supernatural thriller may have just been too strange and complicated for its own good. Its most recent episode on Friday, April 5 earned a paltry 0.2 adults 18-49 rating. Could it go even lower tonight? Or will it miraculously benefit from being the only original scripted programming on broadcast television? Make your predictions.

  • Anon

    @ Andrew

    I agree about Apt 23. They could also run it after Modern Family instead of reruns of The Neighbors. I watched all of FT, my standards are already pretty low. ;)

    0.2 for Cult because even a dead cat has some bounce.

  • Pepper

    It’ll definitely reach 0.0

  • steve

    Sometimes it seems like a show is just on the wrong network. “Zero Hour” could’ve been a success as the latest ‘conspiracy’ show on the CW, while “Cult” needed some massive work before being ready for air on any network (I’m personally disappointed in that myself, given that Rockne O’Bannon from “Farscape” was involved in creating “Cult”…)

    But the CW is like the “Logan’s Run” of TV networks. No major characters over the age of 30 are allowed. So “Zero Hour” probably wouldn’t have even been considered by the network. Look at their upcoming fall schedule. Isn’t it like 50% populated with scifi-ish shows starring all teenagers? The network is never going to get decent 18-49 ratings when they target so much programming at 13 year olds.

    Proposed new tagline for CW: Enter the Carousel. Be strong and you will be renewed. Identify.

  • John A

    They should have aired it 1 episode a week for 6 weeks monday at 9pm and aired TCD repeats at 8pm fridays for summer. At least it would do better on monday than TCD is doing now.

  • david

    I think a .2 for the first episode then a .1 probably tonight. and probably a .1 next week.

  • oktimeforplanc

    I’m going to watch it since I have nothing else to watch on tv. Alos hoping for a 0.0 lol.

  • Alan

    I’m expecting a 0.3 for the first episode, and a 0.2 or a 0.1 for the second one.

  • HV

    Cult 0.1, 0.52 million veiwers
    Cult 0.1, 0.51 million veiwers

  • BigBrotherFan

    .1 8pm
    .1 9pm

  • platypus Perry

    Why not burn off CULT on Mondays where it is easily the lowest repeated night of the week with Carrie. Fridays are consistent with SPN and Nikita.

  • Restless

    Sadly that seems to be a general rule of thumb in Hollywood.

    Although Beauty and the Beast has 30 year old Kristin Kreuk and 31 year old Jay Ryan. Arrow’s star is 32 and villain 46, The Originals two male leads are 32 and 37, this show Cult’s lead actors are 35 and 53. The 100 will have a couple adults in their 40’s. Of course older returning shows like Supernatural have actors “on the wrong side” of 35 and all but one of the stars of Hart of Dixie are over 30, and the two main actors on Vampire Diaries are over 30 (girls are, sadly ‘of course’ not even 25).

    But yea in general their shows do seem aimed at kids. Reign, Star Crossed, The 100, The Tomorrow People (eh sorta) focus on teenage characters. And this season they had shows like Carrie Diaries and Emily “adult life is just like High School!” Owens.

    However I don’t think CW is really that much of an exception. Yea, they obviously like to target the youngsters, as much as CBS likes to target the ‘oldsters’, but all the networks have at least one such upcoming show. And a lot have stars under 30.

    Well, I’m not gonna complain. I have a lot of younger relatives and it’s nice that we’ll have other viewing options than cartoons or family comedies or straight up high school dramas to watch together. I’m pretty sure the only similar show on right now is Teen Wolf, and that’s a success. So it’s not like the market’s flooded.

  • harry

    Lol this is guys having this site trolling us with this poll and i laughed so hard . lower than 0.2 hell yeah lets see that :P

  • alvar

    I am in no way defending Cult’s awful ratings, but it didn’t help that the show had FLOPKITA as a lead in. An 0.2 out of a 0.3 lead in is not that bad.

  • thesnowleopard

    You must not watch much TV.

  • Hugh

    -0.1 !

    It’s possible!

  • Eric_Philly

    Such a shame… the show’s actually pretty good, and wholly unique.

  • Jack

    People don’t know what a flop is. No one was expecting much from this as is the case with most mid season shows. And @alvar a show isn’t a flop when its been on the air for multiple seasons

  • Olka



  • Bizarro

    I know why the CW aims their shows to younger viewers because their shows that are aimed at adults die out. Ringer and Nikita are two such examples both started out in the 1.0’s and both crashed below 0.5’s. Though they were/are good shows but just own the wrong network. They both would of been better on cable. Their shows aimed at kids are not working out that well also. The Carrie Diaries was a flop almost as soon as it came on. Too bad because AnnaSophie Robb is a great actress but I think she deserves better. The CW does good with shows aimed at people of all ages such as TVD, Supernatural, Arrow, and even B&TB. These shows have action, drama, suspense, comedy and mystery. Shows like these will satisfy people of all ages and demographics. Which is what the CW needs to focus on. Not shows that are single minded or complicated.

  • MaryAnn

    Cult is actually an extremely good show. I think that one of the reasons it didn’t succeed is that you actually have to give it your undivided attention to follow what is going on. Also, the plot is far deeper and more sinister than simply deranged fans of a serial killer tv show, but that was only becoming apparent about the time the show was pulled. SPOILERS. A dark and twisted real life cult began at least twenty-five years ago with a house filled with a couple of dozen abandoned children whose parents were apparently cult members. The children began killing back then to “protect themselves” and they still are, along with infiltrating the local police and the creative aspects of the show in order to protect their secrets and to further their still-hidden agenda. They are also killing those among them they think might be a danger to their secrets, and recruiting the show’s most fanatical fans to be part of a real life cult to do whatever they are asked to do–including murder. The excitement comes from watching the two who are trying to unravel the real-life cult’s secrets find out new and ever more deadly twists each week, along with dodging those who will certainly kill them if they are caught. And it is not as if they could simply drop the whole thing and walk away — the real cult has kidnapped his brother, and may have been responsible for her father’s disappearance and likely murder a number of years ago.

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