Burn-off Battle Royale: 'Do No Harm' Versus 'Zero Hour' Versus '666 Park Avenue' Versus 'Brooklyn DA' - Poll

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June 29th, 2013

Do No Harm

Tonight, Do No Harm, which NBC yanked after just two episodes, which earned a 0.9  and 0.7 in adults 18-49, joins the crowded Saturday burn-off field where it will face off against Zero Hour (0.3 adults  18-49 last week), 666 Park Avenue (0.5 adults 18-49 last week) and Brooklyn D.A. (0.5 adults 18-49 last week.) Yes, this week Saturday has more original programming than most of the weekdays.  It's a given that all of these shows are going to do poorly tonight, The question is which one will do the worst. The safe money seems to be on Do No Harm, which never cracked a 1.0 during its short life, but Zero Hour made a pretty strong case for itself last week. Plus, this week the Saturday shows aren't facing the Stanley cup finals which could have impacted the ratings for other shows last week. What do you think? Make your predictions.

  • Josh

    Do No Harm!

  • k:Alex

    The Saterday is the most competitive day of the week, how sad.

  • Justin121

    0.2 Do No Harm

    0.3 Zero Hour

    0.4 666 Park Ave.

    0.5 Brooklyn DOA

  • Anon

    Lol are there Saturday finals? I heard that like people aren’t interested in them or whatever? If you guys do get them you should actually post it because this is clearly the most interesting night of the week now hahaha

  • harry

    666 was good , its a pity it couldnt get at least its burnoff in another night… instead of saturday

  • DiegobytheNumbers

    Do No Harm the ratings, please.

  • DTravel

    Where’s the “We all lose” option?

  • CBSviewer

    Brooklyn DA: 0.5
    Do No Harm: 0.4
    666 Park Avenue: 0.4
    Zero Hour: 0.3

  • Dan

    NBC should just double up on Do No Harm, get it out of the way faster.

  • Alan

    Do No Harm all the way! 666 and ZH are low, but not as much as Do No Harm.

  • serendipity’s last stand

    Zero hour actually did not suck. It is an ok show too bad it was not on cw with the ratings it gets it would pull 3 full seasons and a 6 episode send off ……:-D

  • Joseph

    Fox’s regional baseball (I believe there are five or six regional telecasts) will likely win big tonight (June 29th), and the “burn-off derby” may be lucky to get more than a combined 1 in 18-49’s.

    If the same situation exists next week (July 6th), the four shows may earn a combined 18-49 rating of less than 1 since many people will be on vacation (remember, the week of July 4th is the closest thing America has to a “National Vacation Week” and even many of those who aren’t on vacation all week will have a four-day weekend).

  • Mike

    It’ll be a battle between Do No Harm and Zero Hour.

  • hurdingkatz

    The term “faceoff” is misleading, the only shows in this quartet playing against each other being Brooklyn DA and 666 Park Avenue (a New York showdown?). The better question to ask is how will Zero Hour fare against the first hour of Crossing Lines and the aforementioned duo against that show’s second hour? Keep in mind, Do No Harm will play against a reprise of last Sunday’s Whodunnit? and a new edition of 48-Hours. As for me, I’ll probably be watching Auntie Mame on TCM, but I’m not in the demo they want anyway.

  • Survivor Fan

    The better question is whether the all-time Big Four low original is tied or broken tonight. It is held by a Kings episode (July 4, 2009) and two episodes of Escape Routes (March 31 and April 14, 2012). I say no.

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    Do No Harm 0.3
    Zero Hour 0.3
    666 Park Avenue 0.4
    Brooklyn D.A. 0.5

    If Do No Harm was at 8 pm, I would have predicted a 0.2 for Do No Harm. However the 10 pm slot will help Do No Harm.

  • alvar

    666 Park Avenue 0.4
    Brooklyn DA 0.4
    Zero Hour 0.2
    Do No Harm 0.2

  • HV

    Zero Hour 0.3
    666 Park Avenue 0.6
    Whodunnit? R 0.5

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation R 0.4
    Brooklyn DA 0.5
    48 Hours 0.9

    Crossing Lines R 0.2
    Do No Harm 0.3

  • Spen B

    Zero Hour and Do No Harm tie.

    Zero Hour 0.3
    666 Park Avenue 0.4
    Brooklyn DA 0.5
    Do No Harm 0.3 (with 0.3 Crossing Lines lead-in)

    It’s hard to imagine a Big 4 original (that’s not a laughable Ford ad) getting a 0.2 at 10PM, but who knows.

  • David Howell

    What percentage of first-run scripted programming this week aired on Saturday?

    I’ll guess DNH, although I’m leaning towards a tie between it and Zero Hour. The two have already shared the title for “most ironically named flop of the season,” a title NBC looks certain to win by a mile next season with Crisis.

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