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June 30th, 2013

Dexter season 8

Dexter's eighth (and final) season premieres tonight. We have Dexter to thank for creating the Serial Killer Protagonist TVsubgenre. Without Dexter, we probably wouldn't have The Following, Hannibal or Bates Motel. We definitely wouldn't have the Lazy Halloween Costume of a Henley shirt and some fake blood on your face. Dexter's season seven premiere on September 30, 2012 earned a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating. The season seven finale scored a 1.4. How do you think it will fare tonight?

  • zap

    Hope it will have a big increase, just like Breaking Bad final season part 1 did.

  • Daniel

    1.4 I think because it has only been nine months. I wonder what Ray Donovan gets?

  • John A

    1.2. Hope for a 1.5 though.

  • Dan S

    I say it’ll top 1.5 for its final season premiere. It’s summer so Dexter has less competition than in the fall. I saw the Ray Donovan premiere on demand & it will make a decent companion to Dexter.

  • cody

    i wonder how it will do going up against true blood for the first time? will true blood or dexter either one see a decrease?

  • samurai99

    1.5 and about 3 million viewers. It will drop off next week.

    Ray Donovan looks pretty mediocre to me. I’ll say a million viewers.

  • Richard

    I wonder how many people have already watched Ray Donovan? I have already.

  • CBSviewer


  • Red Jane

    I am optimistic for Dexter as there’s been a pretty positive buzz due to the massive improvement of Season 7 over Season 6, the fact that it is the final season and quite a bit of advertising. Also competition is not very exciting IMO), TB is losing viewers, there is virtually nothing on network TV tonight and as much as I LOVE The Killing, I think most viewers of both shows will choose the season premiere of Dexter…

    So probably 1.5 to 1.7

  • samurai99

    No I’m a guy who calls out stupid tv shows for what they are.

  • seasic

    I do think it’s pretty slick that Dexter is back on so soon…watched Ray Donovan…nothing special. I’ll watch it when nothing else is on.

  • Cyrax86

    Final season bump should be in order but this is the first time Dexter airs in the Summer so it’s quite unpredictable but I’ll be optimistic and go with a 1.5.

  • Jerry

    I watched the Ray Donovan pilot and it was average, but I expect it to get better. Most shows do get better after the pilot.

  • Lane

    1.7 3.3 Mill

  • merrranga

    i saw the Donovan pilot. i loved it. also i have no interest in watching it further.

  • Ryann

    I’m half way through season 7 and am LOVING it! Cant believe this is the last season of Dexter, I hope for a 1.6+ but I was being realistic with a 1.4. Some shows benefit from a final season ratings boost yet some don’t but I’m pretty sure it’ll get over a 1.3

  • Kenny

    I don’t think it’ll do well. It seems like no one really cares much abut Dexter anymore except its core fans.

  • Ian

    Dexter was great last night! Ads were all over the place and it is such a good show. I think it will get at least a 1.5 or slightly above. Summer has not much competition anyway…

  • MichaelChickless

    Lucky number 1.3.

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