Can 'Under the Dome' Stay Strong in Week 2? (Poll)

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July 1st, 2013

Under the Dome Week 2

Under the Dome had a huge premiere last week, earning a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating, and becoming CBS’s highest rated summer premiere  since 2005. Can Under the Dome maintain its first-week momentum, or is a ratings dip inevitable? Vote below and sound off in the comments!


  • Anon

    3.0 this week, but the further they stray from the novel, the lower the ratings will slide.

  • Jacobo

    3.3 like last week!

  • Igwell

    2.5 if it’s lucky

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    It got a lot C3 & Sun Repeat viewers & demo plus gr8 Word of Mouth, I think it can stay 3.3 or even increase.

    I know that C3 & Repeat aren’t all first time watchers, but 2.2 demo watched via those means so it’s pretty safe to say that 3.3 may be low.

    Now, week 3, when WOM decreases & the plot starts really developing & even ppl watching just b/c “everyone I know is”, is when a drop can occur. Same with the rest of the season. It more depends on how much this is “must see live”.

  • Hubert R.

    I feel it will be not lower than a 2.8. if it falls more I think it will rise in week 3.

  • k:Alex

    I only want to know why their is a dome, all the other thinks are not interesting enough.

  • k:Alex

    ‘other thinks’, the characters are stupid except the one who kept a girl in his basement, that’s not enough too follow the series like (I follow) other shows.

  • maplab98

    3.4 and 15.8 million

  • HalCapone

    Hey, if the limited series causes a few people to read the book, that’s a good thing. Surprise: public libraries do loan more than DVD’s! Not surprisingly, the book is better than the television series and the television series has made some significant changes to the book so far. Without giving anything away, it will be interesting to see how closely the televised version stays to the book’s shocking ending when…it is revealed the Dome is a Republican created device being tested to stem the flow of illegal immigration in this country.

  • The End

    11 million, 2.9 18-49

  • chris23

    3.2 with 13.05 viewers. With good 3 day dvr ratings and repeat on Sunday Night it might stay around the same numbers it got last week.

  • Mark


  • Josh

    2.9 with 12 million!

  • CBSviewer

    3.5 –> No Competition + People who watched it on their DVR will maybe watch it live tonight.

  • NBC Fan


  • Lucas


  • BG

    I’m going to predict that it does better than the pilot- 3.3-3.4

  • james

    this series is surprisingly good, most tv shows i cant enjoy until around the second season but i liked this from the get go.

  • Alan

    I’m predicting a 2.9.

  • Chris

    I figure they fall between 2.9-2.5, but will still manage to win the night, i have no interest in watching the Bachelor, or Mistresses

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