Can 'Under the Dome' Stay Strong in Week 2? (Poll)

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July 1st, 2013

Under the Dome Week 2

Under the Dome had a huge premiere last week, earning a 3.3 adults 18-49 rating, and becoming CBS’s highest rated summer premiere  since 2005. Can Under the Dome maintain its first-week momentum, or is a ratings dip inevitable? Vote below and sound off in the comments!


  • None

    I think it’ll be a 2.7 … but I voted 2.6 because I’d like to see it fall like a stone. Terrible acting in that garbage all around, I barely, just barely stopped myself from turning it off.

  • Networkman

    I feel it will maintain its numbers from last week. The show not only had 5 million viewers watching its repeat of the pilot but also the DVR numbers were strong.

    I really hope it does well. Because in my opinion, the second episode was stronger than the premiere.

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    The second episode of Under The Dome will earn a 2.7 rating and 11.0 million total viewers.

    The chances of the second episode of Under The Dome bettering its premiere rating hinge on the viewers rooting for the characters. People who know the contents of the book can probably guess that the “science fiction” parts of the book won’t be explained in the second episode but probably towards the end of the season.

    Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll of The Following brought interest to the show and helped the second episode earn a 3.3 rating, 0.1 better than its premiere.

    I don’t see Barbie and Big Jim being as charismatic as Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll. The previews for the second episode emphasized the looming battle between Barbie and Big Jim’s son. Junior won’t be a fan favorite.

    Stephen King’s Bag of Bones was a 2 part movie that aired on A&E during December 2011. The first part earned a 1.1 while the second part garnered a 0.9. This suggests a 20% decline in the ratings for the second episode.

  • Pepper

    With the strong pilot, and no serious competition this week? I’m gonna be optimistic and go with a 3.1 with a chance of moving up.

  • POIFanatic

    LOL at Hardy and Carroll being charismatic! They are the blandest characters on network television. And this is coming from a huge fan of Kevin Bacon.

    I predict 2.7-2.9 for the Dome. The second episode did some nifty exploration of the effects of the dome.

  • Felix

    After two episodes, I think I’m done with Under the Dome. While I enjoyed the book, this show is so poorly acted that I found myself easily tuning out.

    I’ll watch Siberia and DVR UTD.

  • The Watcher

    Expect a slow ratings drop as people realize it’s a soap opera in disguise, not science fiction or anything really original. The cardboard characters and clunky dialogue were wearing on me by the end of the first episode. Call me when it’s over.

  • gerry

    the pilot was all set up, they moved the plot along nicely last night.

    def found myself more intrigued than the first episode. hoping for a 3.0, drop to 2.7-2.9 would be my likely guess.

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