Celebrate America on July 4th with a 30-hour Marathon of Smithsonian Channel’s 'Aerial America'

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July 1st, 2013

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via press release:

Celebrate America on July 4th with a 30-hour marathon of Smithsonian Channel’s hit series, AERIAL AMERICA.

One of the most expansive aerial projects ever produced, this series combines breathtaking airborne footage with fascinating narratives on every location shown—from history to architecture to pop culture.

The marathon kicks off at midnight Thursday, July 4 and highlights some of the greatest aspects of 31 U.S. states (Delaware/Maryland share one episode.) All episode descriptions for above are at http://smithsonianchannel.com/aerial

Tune in on July 4th to see:
• Pennsylvania (12 am ET/PT)
• Virginia (1 am ET/PT)
• Connecticut (2 am ET/PT)
• Vermont (3 am ET/PT)
• New Hampshire (4 am ET/PT)
• Arkansas (5 am ET/PT)
• North Carolina (6 am ET/PT)
• South Carolina (7 am ET/PT)
• Washington (8 am ET/PT)
• Alabama (9 am ET/PT)
• Oklahoma (10 am ET/PT)
• Louisiana (11 am ET/PT)
• Massachusetts (12 pm ET/PT)
• Maine (1 pm ET/PT)
• Mississippi (2 pm ET/PT)
• Oregon (3 pm ET/PT)
• Nevada (4 pm ET/PT)
• Michigan (5pm ET/PT)
• Florida (6 pm ET/PT)
• Arizona (7 pm ET/PT)
• California (8 pm ET/PT)
• Kansas (9 pm ET/PT)
• New York (10 pm ET/PT)
• Hawaii (11 pm ET/PT)

And, stay tuned in the early hours of July 5th to see:
• Maryland & Delaware (12 am ET/PT)
• Colorado (1 am ET/PT)
• Georgia (2 am ET/PT)
• New Mexico (3 am ET/PT)
• Tennessee (4 am ET/PT)
• Rhode Island (5 am ET/PT)

The Smithsonian Channel original series AERIAL AMERICA, shot from a helicopter equipped with a state-of-the-art Cineflex HD camera system, is one of the most expansive aerial television series ever produced.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    I’m sorta interested in this. If it ends up online or at the library, I might check it out.

  • BiPolarPoet

    This is a really cool educational show with great historical facts of each state. And the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous.

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