HLN Providing Continuous Coverage Throughout Each Day of George Zimmerman Trial

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July 1st, 2013

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 Comprehensive Coverage Includes Exclusive “Play and Pause” Features During Testimony; Re-enactments, Viewer-Juries on HLN After Dark; Interactive Map, Evidence Photos on HLNTV.com

HLN is committed to continuous coverage of the George Zimmerman trial, which began with opening statements on June 24 and expected to continue throughout July.

Gavel-to-gavel coverage is featured each day that the trial is in session with a breakdown of the day’s events and expert analysis on HLN’s primetime programs Jane Velez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew on Call and HLN After Dark hosted by Vinnie Politan and Ryan Smith.

Similar to its coverage of the Jodi Arias trial, HLN’s team of hosts Velez-Mitchell, Grace, Dr. Drew, Politan and Smith will draw on their diverse areas of expertise to provide a comprehensive look at the testimony and the latest developments of the trial. HLN After Dark, the 10pm ET program which launched during the Arias trial and drew significantly high ratings, will again invite viewers to come to its studio in Atlanta to serve on nightly “juries.”

HLN’s coverage of the trial will also feature analysis from HLN legal correspondent Jean Casarez, former Manhattan assistant D.A. Joey Jackson, and HLN law enforcement analyst Mike Brooks.

Due to strong viewer feedback during the Jodi Arias trial, HLN will again use “Play and Pause” buttons so that the audience won’t miss a minute of testimony during network commercial breaks. Additionally, HLN is providing re-enactments of the crime, a walk-through of the Florida neighborhood where the crime took place, and at HLNtv.com, features that include an interactive map, evidence photos, polls and timelines.


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  • Rono

    Looks like HLN has another cash cow.

  • Matt

    *sigh* I remember when HLN actually showed news

  • fakeem

    OTA station “Soul Of The South” [Philadelphia station 51.2] is also airing the trial live. I don’t know if other stations are doing the same.

  • Jacobo

    HLN has basically become the Nancy Grace Network

  • Jacobo

    No, watching HLN is like watching Law & Order 24/7 now

  • AppleStinx

    CNN/HLN are cable news vultures. Feeding off tragedies is their primary means of survival in that medium.

  • Bruce Rodgers

    g/z said Trayvon was on top of him when he shot Trayvon, so why was there no blood on g/z body? Can some one answer this question for me?

  • kathleen fisher

    Why is Zimmerman’s friend so happy? So painful for family of victim and this smacked ass is at a tea-party.Black teens in Florida are in danger and this ex-cop is happy.

  • Mohammad Vaziri

    Zimmerman after shot Martin, then he did the injury to himself, hitting his head to a hard surface and punched his nose to show that Martin did it and prove that was self defense.

  • Ron

    HLN coverage of the Zimmerman trial is a disgrace. First, it is not “gavel to gavel” as described. Second, the commercial interruptions every four or five minutes is absurd. I watch the coverage on CNN or Fox or not at all. Shame on HLN for this coverage and the deceptive way they advertise the coverage.

  • Jean

    Ok who’s the loud mouth who’s eyebrows move everytime she opens her mouth?

    I don’t understand how they can think their verbal drama adds anything.

    They’re just plain comical.

  • Jean

    OK, I thought miss eyebrows said we would hear momentarily if the judge would allow the video, now another person yelling at us.

    Can’t take anymore.

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