Predict the Ratings for the 'Siberia' Premiere (Poll)

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July 1st, 2013

Siberia - Season 2013

Siberia premieres tonight and is the latest effort to bring the fake reality genre to television. The River tried a year ago to bring fake reality horror to primetime, but never saw a second season. Does Siberia have a chance? Cast your vote below and let us know your thoughts about the "Lost-meets-Survivor" concept in the comments!

  • Kenny

    Very good show, well acted, had to be sure it was scripted lol

    On the ratings side: .3-.9 and anything in between

  • StevenD

    Not sure why they don’t just put this show on Wednesday or some other night?

    I’ll go with a 1.0-1.2

  • Jay

    NBC must not be expecting alot since there was ZERO promotion. It should have aired on tuesdays after America’s Got Talent. At least give it a chance. I say 0.9!

  • Rick Bilyeu

    I’ve just endured a streaming preview of”Siberia’, which will premiere Monday, July 1st at 10:00 pm on NBC. This series is being advertised as “Lost meets Survivor”? I can tell you for nothing that the first 45 minutes plays just like the season opening episode of ‘Survivor’ and very little of anything else. Whatever promise of something intriguing happening toward the end fails to materialize. Wouldn’t have mattered since my eyes were glazing over. The only real excitement came in the preview of the coming season at the end of the episode. Too bad they couldn’t have generated some of that excitement in the pilot itself. In short, ‘Siberia’ left me cold.
    It ought to be crushed quickly by ‘Under The Dome’.

  • RayinStL

    I am really excited about this show, but out of all nights, why would NBC go up against Under the Dome and a week later? Does NBC love to set themselves up for failure? Of course I can just DVR it and watch later. I’ll say 1.0

  • Samunto

    @Rick Bilyeu
    Same here. It seems just like ‘Survivor’. I don’t who brought the word LOST into this.
    The 1st episode really is just ‘Survivor’. Why hasn’t CBS sued? They are good at this.

    Not sure how much the show has been promoted but i predict a 1.5 premiere. If NBC had high hopes for this, they would have premiered it after AGT or even The Voice in the previous weeks.

  • TV Addict

    I love reality competition shows so ill watch it no matter what, but yeah it’s not gunna do very well at all

  • Martin

    Really liked the pilot, even if main reason I originally checked it out was for Esther Anderson. Will definitely continue to watch, thank god for multiple dvrs so i can watch one show while recording on like three others. Everything that is good is on Mondays, especially during the summer, I swear, I actually watch more on A Monday than on the rest of the days combined.

  • SJ

    0.6, lowest-rated premiere ever.

  • Potato

    I’ve seen one ad. 1.0 at best

  • Potato

    and 0.5 at worst (remember, it’s NBC)

  • Anthony

    I think it will get around a 1.0

    Pro- Following American Ninja Warrior, which normally rates in the high ones/low twos.
    Con- Up against Under the Dome.

  • k:Alex

    The last 10 minutes where interesting, all the other minutes are boring.
    So, I don’t think people will wait for those minutes, however, the acting is good because you can see it is fake, like all those shows.

  • maplab98


  • Survivor Fan

    @ Samunto

    If you want a Survivor ripoff, try Redneck Island on CMT. I guess thy CBS just does not worry about CMT. There are no votes in this, so, while I thought about Survivor, I did not find it to be a ripoff.

  • tv_viewer

    I’ll guess a 1.2 rating for the premiere of Siberia.

  • RussianBear

    Siberia will crush UtD.

  • Jacob

    Why is everything on monday night? Takes me all week 2 watch monday night shows on my dvr.

  • Jeff Becker

    The show is fake. They blew it when the camera man came to the so called contestants camp bleeding, but no one was allowed near him, then they announced the super good guy was killed (by an unknown beast) then showed a bloody covered up body being loaded onto a helicopter. The Producers then ask the cast if they want to continue and they decide to stay? How stupid do they think we are. Then again there are people out there who still thing the WWE is real.

  • Holly

    @Jeff Becker,

    The show is fake

    Is that actually news to you? It’s not like NBC was hiding the fact it is a scripted drama (and not in the way that most “reality” is scripted, scripted like a regular hour-long drama).

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