'Sister Wives' Returns for a Fourth Season on TLC

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July 2nd, 2013


via press release:

(Los Angeles, CA) TLC’s hit series SISTER WIVES is back for a fourth season following America’s favorite polygamist family as they navigate the twists and turns of living an openly plural marriage. SISTER WIVES premieres Sunday, July 21 at 9 PM (ET/PT).
After living in separate rental homes for the past two years, the Browns are one step closer to fulfilling their dream of being together under one roof, moving into four adjacent houses in the same neighborhood. But now they have four large mortgages and a struggling start-up jewelry business. Meanwhile, Meri finally decides on whether or not to accept Robyn’s offer to be her surrogate, but will Kody agree with her decision? And as more kids prepare to leave the nest, Kody and the wives have a surprise in store that will rebuild the closeness the family once shared back in Utah.
· Kody: 45-years old, father of 17 children, husband to four women – Meri in April 1990, Janelle in January 1993, Christine in March 1994, and Robyn in May 2010.
· Meri (first wife): 42-years old, married 23-years and has one daughter named Mariah, 17.
· Janelle (second wife): 44-years old, married 20-years and has six children – Logan, 19;
· Madison, 17; Hunter, 16; Garrison, 15; Gabriel, 11 and Savanah, 8.
· Christine (third wife): 41-years old, married 19-years and has six children – Aspyn, 18; Mykelti, 17; Paedon, 14; Gwendlyn, 11; Ysabel,10 and Truely, 3-years old.
· Robyn (fourth wife): 34-years old, married three years and has three children from her last marriage – Dayton, 13; Aurora, 11 and Breanna, 9, and one child by Kody – Solomon, 20-months old.

  • jose

    plis finish all realitys . this sucks

  • cynical watcher

    This family sucks. University Medical Center filed a lien against Robyn’s house on June 27. I guess they are back to not paying their bills. Also, Aspyn, Logan, and Mariah have all been cited for illegal parking. I guess Kody has to make sure his car is parked in the garage and he doesn’t care where everybody else has to park, even if they are blocking neighbors. Robyn complained about not having the money to change her name, but in December 2012 a court order was entered changing her last name to Brown. These people are such scammers and liars!

  • Kari Kirkland

    Cynical Watcher – I went online to search for the lien, but couldn’t locate anything. Do you have a link?

  • cynical watcher

    Or you can look under Robyn Sullivan in the foreclosure index.

  • cynical watcher

    This is at the deed records at the clark county recorder’s office.

  • Big Alpha

    17 kids… this guy is NUTS… I cant imagine the responsibility and the costs to raise those kids…. If all is true about their money problems, then having that many kids is definitely a problem…and you would barely know they have money problems since Kody takes them on lots of trips… I realize its for the show, but all that money on trips could go towards house payments…kids college funds… etc…

  • Sarah Alese

    I adore this show. It has taught me a lot about modern polygamist families. I find it heartwarming and informative at the same time. And Cynical Watcher – honestly, who cares if the children get parking tickets? Like they’re the only people to ever get them. *eye roll* It seem to me like you might be one of the neighbors who they park their cars in front of because you are taking about something that is so incredibly insignificant.

  • lj

    What a loser for a guy; he NEVER works, yet expects the wives to support him?
    Puny, little man.

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