Lisa Edelstein Joins Cast of 'Castle' in Recurring Role

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July 10th, 2013

Lisa Edelstein House of Lies

Hot on the heels of the news that Summer Glau is joining Arrow, TVLine reports that Lisa Edelstein, best known as Cuddy on House, will recur on Castle next season. Edelstein will play  Rachel McCord who is described as, "a tough and highly-skilled Federal Investigator whose appearance plays a vital role in Beckett’s decisions about her future." Her character likely will be involved in Beckett's decision in the season finale to take a job with the Attorney General's Office.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    Awesome news!

  • The End

    I always thought it was a huge mistake not to have her in Season 8 of House.

  • mike


  • mike

    Great addition of talent.

  • Lane

    Ugh. First she helped ruin House and now she keeps appearing in shows I like.

  • The End


    ‘Ruin’ House? You can’t be serious. She was great in House and would of been better in Season 8 when House went off the rails a bit. Instead they had to rely more on the House/Wilson bromance to balance Houses character a bit.

    Infact had the show received a Ninth Season, Wilson would of pretty much been written to survive, and Cuddy could of come back :) Sigh.

  • debisib

    Hey! It’s the hooker from West Wing.

  • Lane

    @ The End

    I doubt she’d be back, considering that Lisa Edelstein refused to come back even for the series finale. Apparently she and the producers didn’t part on friendly terms.

    I just really disliked the actress, the way she played the character and the whole House/Cuddy thing, but obviously YMMV. ;)

  • Oliver

    Boo. I’ll never forgive her for quitting House, killing the show (and, yes, the show had many many other problems).

  • The End


    While I respect your opinion. I think realistically Cuddy should of had Foremans job in Season 8. Mostly because she would of done it better, and secondly because Foreman was never really against House anyway, he was balancing his new found authority with his somewhat friendship with House. It was clear by the end of the season even that Foreman was firmly in team House.

  • Kissan

    Did everybody hear? Cote De Pablo who plays Ziva on NCIS is out! Season 11 will be her final year.

  • Mar

    Best news of the week. She is one of the best actresses on TV and will be a great adition to the show.

  • Kerry

    Lisa Edelstein didn’t kill House, her absence did. Blame the network suits. If they had common sense to not cut the branch they were sitting on, we would have enjoyed House (and Hugh!!!) for a few more years. Sigh.

  • Kerry

    Yes, @Kissan.

    I’ve read the news about Cote de Pablo’s exit and instantly thought of Lisa Edelstein. Let’s see if another short-sighted corporate numbers-cruncher would be able to take down another popular show.

  • harry

    in house they had a story going on with her and house and it ended drammatically , because she wanted to leave the show. then last season of house was the most awful season ever.

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    Only 1 more season of Zivya, say it ain’t so.

    Well, at least they have a whole season to properly write her off.

  • Oliver

    House’s ratings were waning and they needed to cut costs and cast salaries are the single biggest line item. They were in no position to negotiate with Laurie.

    I’m usually in favour of actors extracting every penny out of studios, but when a show is in decline then it’s dumb for actors not to accept reality. They were still paying her a ton of money.

  • Bill

    She brought nothing to House and did nothing on Good Wife. I hope she doesn’t ruin Castle.

  • Kerry


    Lisa Edelstein “brought nothing” in her seven years on House, and yet you afraid she might “ruin” Castle in her two or three episodes? Can’t you at least follow your own dumb logic, hater? Same person on every message board, same 3-word vocabulary. Get a life a learn new words!

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