New Reality Series 'Bad Ink' to Premiere Sunday, August 11 on A&E

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July 10th, 2013

Bad Ink

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New York, NY—July 10, 2013—A&E Network premieres the new original real life series “Bad Ink,” following  a pair of Las Vegas tattoo aficionados on their quest to find and fix the worst of Vegas’ worst mistakes. The city of sin often goes hand in hand with people making bad decisions, and regrettable tattoos are permanent reminders of those choices.  However, hope has now arrived in the form of two comical best friends who are taking on one terrible tattoo at a time!  Back-to back episodes of “Bad Ink” premiere Sunday, August 11 at 10PM and 10:30PM ET/PT.

“Bad Ink” centers on Dirk Vermin, one of the nation’s most well-respected tattoo artists, and his best friend Ruckus as they go on the hunt for sin city’s worst ink jobs.  From rebellious school kids to housewives to grandmothers, in Vegas, no one is immune from waking up and saying “What did I just do?”  These people are this colorful duo’s primary targets, as Dirk and Ruckus ambush convention goers, tourists and locals alike, inspecting their awful art up close and personally.  For a lucky few, Dirk will be able to work his magic and transform the cringe-worthy eyesores into noteworthy masterpieces. Behind every tattoo in Vegas is often an amusing tale… but these guys will not let anyone they find leave the city a victim of bad ink!


In the season premiere episode at 10PM, Dirk and Ruckus get a desperate call from a Jacqui, a client whose birthday celebration turned into a tattoo nightmare she can’t forget. Later, they meet Alex, a man whose failed attempt at professing his love has left him with a tattoo scar that threatens his new relationship.


A screener of the first episode of “Bad Ink” is available at Please visit “Bad Ink” on Facebook at


“Bad Ink” is executive produced by Matt Sharp and Dan Adler for Sharp Entertainment. Randy Jones is co-executive producer. Executive producers for A&E are Elaine Frontain Bryant, Lily Neumeyer and Evan Lerner.


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  • Daryl

    News flash for everyone.
    This show is so fake and a pathedic attempt at every other reality show that A&E is doing,you will want to kick yourself in the ass after you watch the first episode of it and realize how fake and how much time out of your life you have just waisted.

  • Amber

    I absolutely love Bad Ink. Yes, the show itself is fake but Dirk and Ruckus are professional tattoo artists down in Las Vegas.

  • Dunnzo

    SELL OUTS!!!What a pathetic portrayal of a valued trade! Not one clip of a real needle going near the skin! Please Cancel this crap!

  • Jen

    Yeah, I watched the first three episode sand saw right aever”bad tattoo”was drawn on with a sharpie marker!As stated above , you don’t see the tattoo being done on the skin just the after pic which you can see would not have blended in the so called bad tattoo. Lol How stupid you have to feel talking about how you fixed a tattoo that never existed in the first place!

  • Rh

    This show is trash and sets the industry back 10 years!……cancel it ASAP!!!!!!

  • Gypsy

    The show is real. The tattoos are real. Dirk is an amazing artist. Ruckus is not a tattoo artist but is Dirks best friend and band mate. They are great people. Just a note to anyone leaving comments- if you want to put someone down at least learn to spell correctly.

  • Reality

    Gypsy you have no clue what you’re talking about! This is the worst fake “reality” show with cocky idiots running around ever. The tattoos they are “covering” are easily detected to be fake. The puckering of the skin with the fake “original” is your first sign the tattoo is on top of the skin. Second clue, fading vs. wiping is obvious enough. Third: brightness of the old tattoos are remarkably new looking. Must be that latest and greatest never fade ink? Uh huh. Next: the “new” tattoos are hardly large enough to cover or aren’t in line with the “original” lines. And my last comment is that most of these do-overs aren’t even fresh looking!! Odd to me!

    Definitely cheap illusions.

  • Alex

    That guy wears the same vermin shirt every episode WHHY?’!

  • Bad show

    Wow, I’ve have been a professional tattoo artist for 7 years and I have NEVER seen such crap!!!!! This show needs to be canceled.!!! Our jobs are already hard enough.!!! I have enough clients coming in asking for the impossible due to all the “reality” tattoo shows.!!!! FAKE SHOW, FAKE TATTOOS, FAKE PEOPLE.!!!! If that douche Dirk was a real artist he should be COMPLETELY ashamed of himself.!!!!! And if those are real tattoos he’s putting on people, how the hell did he get a tv show.!!!!!!????? I’ve seen apprentices do better work in their first 6 months.!!!! God a&e please take this crap off and leave the tattoo industry to the pro’s.!!!!!

  • chewee

    This show is fake like that rehab show

  • chewee

    I like the rehab show better than this

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