Summer Glau to Play Recurring Role on 'Arrow' Next Season

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July 10th, 2013

Summer Glau

This casting news will make a lot of genre fans happy. Summer Glau, of Firefly, Dollhouse and Sarah Connor Chronicles fame, is joining the cast of Arrow. Glau will play the villainous Isabel Rochev, Vice President of Acquisitions of Stellmoor International, a company with designs on taking over Queen Consolidated. The role is recurring.

  • The End

    Will Summer Glau break the cancelation curse? ;)

    I feel sorry for her actually, she’s not a bad actress, just a lot of the stuff she joins in a recurring/main role end up being cancelled pretty quickly lol

    Good luck to her on Arrow.

  • Chase

    Well Arrow is gone! Even though I personally like her every thing she is on gets canceled! Maybe since Arrow is a popular show her luck will change?

  • Dennis

    Good news…

    However I dropped the show around episode 15. Far too “CW” for me :(

  • Sean

    Suddenly I’m very concerend about ‘Arrow’ getting a third season. Luckely this will mean she won’t be on Joss Whedon’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’.

  • Jay

    The Summer Glau curse will hit Arrow next season.


  • The End

    I heard Summer Glaus curse drew the cancellation bear to Lian Yu lol ;)

  • Dennis

    Lets be realistic though….. Arrow more then likely wont get cancelled next season.

    I hope she becomes a regular in season 3.
    I miss seeing her on tv every week

  • carigis

    yea. the summer glau curse. say bye to arrow.

  • Samunto

    She can indeed act but she’s ratings poison.

    And to think i have just got into Arrow…..Will it now last past season 2?

    She seems to have a close friendship with the cancellation bear!

  • latitude

    Only reason shows gets cancelled after Summer has been on them is because she leaves to quickly, people can’t wait for more and quits the show.

    However the so called “curse” never hit The Big Bang Theory, I think it rather elevated the show alot :)

  • rob60990

    She played on 2 episodes of Grey’s in season 8 where she barely had any lines. Was the kind of role she was born to play. ;)

  • The End


    As long as she’s not in a recurring or main role, you’re safe. Because when you play the Summer Glau card, you can wave goodbye to your show lol

    The Summer Glau curse is pretty legendary.

  • Dan

    This whole curse thing is ridiculous. Congrats Summer cant wait to see you on Arrow.

  • MichaelChickless

    Let’s hope she isn’t Arrow’s Terminator.

  • John A

    I liked her in TSCC but shes not that great. Please dont kill Arrow Summer.

  • Tom

    If Summer was truly cursed, she’d be on Beauty and the Beast. It looks like the producers of Arrow have come up with an intriguing storyline for season two and I’m looking forward to seeing her demonstrate how well she can perform on a series that isn’t a complete turkey.

  • The End

    @This whole curse thing is ridiculous

    You’re meant to have a sense of humor when it comes to these things. It’s just the industry’s/news sites/peoples way of coming up with an amusing way to describe her incredible bad luck on shows when she is cast in a recurring/main role.

    People aren’t be mean or anything about her, if anything people admire her and her acting talent.

  • cimmer

    They should have brought in Jeri Ryan instead. ;)

  • Luke

    Summer Glau curse…… No such thing, Firefly and Dollhouse were on the wrong network, Fox never took Joss’s shows seriously, Firefly the prime example and now look where Nathan Fillion has ended up, lead role in probably the best Crime show on TV at the moment. So Summer being cursed is completely stupid, the shows were born to fail, I loved Firefly and Dollhouse but they were both born to fail, hence the “curse”. Summer is an amazing actress and I love Arrow, so this is pretty much a win win for me, bring on October!

  • Observer

    OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the show is doooomed! LOL

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