'Two and a Half Men' to Introduce Charlie Harper's Long Lost Lesbian Daughter Next Season

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July 10th, 2013


via press release:

E! News Exclusive: Charlie Sheen’s Daughter to Be Gay on Two and a Half Men—Get the Details!

It's Two and a Half Men…and a Lesbian!

Don't worry, that's not the show's new title. However, E! News can exclusively report that the pivotal new role of Charlie Harper's (Charlie Sheen) illegitimate daughter has been written as 21 years old, "sexy and gorgeous," and gay. The new character, Jenny, will share many traits with her deceased father, including her love of women, per our sources.

Though earlier reports indicated that the new actress coming on to play Charlie's daughter would be a series regular, we are told this will be a recurring character with the possibility of becoming a regular. Producers want to see first how she gels with the cast before committing to full-cast-member status.

Jenny will first appear in the season premiere, coming on the scene because she has relocated from New York to Los Angeles. It's possible we may also meet her mother, an old flame of Charlie's. The role of Jenny has not yet been cast.

In May, the news broke that the show's "half man," Angus T. Jones (who famously slammed the CBS comedy as immoral), would not be returning as a series regular. Producer Chuck Lorre has since said that Jones will be back whenever he has a few days off, so he will be appearing in a recurring fashion.

Introducing a gay character on one of its biggest shows should help improve the network's image with the LGBT community. According to GLAAD's most recent Network Responsibility Index (August 2012), CBS came in last among the major networks, with only 8 percent of its programming featuring gay people or characters.

The network is also receiving heat this week for racist and homophobic remarks said on the current season of Big Brother.

Men goes back into production mid-August and will air this fall on CBS.

  • SJ

    Why are my comments not posting? Have I been blocked for some reason?

  • SJ

    … and of course, that one posts.

    My original comment was, is CBS implying that the gay daughter is the half man? That is a new low.

  • harry

    Jon cryer needs a better written show with him as main star and bertha . its th only reason i keep watching.

  • CBSviewer

    @ The End

    Probably not. It would be funny to see Alan trying to reunite all of them :)

  • HW

    Katrina Bowden (30 Rock, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, American Reunion) would be perfect in the role. They should cast her.

  • steven m. burton

    TAAHM’s biggest concern for this season should be its thankless new timeslot. My guess is that the show will quickly be facing the unpalatable reality of steadily eroding audience on CBS from 8:30 p.m. on each Thursday night. Even when ensconced in the cushy post-TBBT slot the show lost several million viewers from the lead-in and often 2 points in the 18-49 demos. From the promos I’ve seen the new programs filling the 8:30 and 9:00 slots look weak. How many dedicated viewers are going to sit through two shows they have no interest in just to watch Kutcher, Cryer and Co.? Not many is my guess. POi really grew in the 9 p.m. slot last season, in total viewers and demo numbers. Why the network messed with what was working is question for which I can’t think of a good answer.

  • Joe Smith

    if you have to announce that a character is gay (or any other minority) then it’s just cheap pandering. how about you introduce an interesting character and through the actions of that character on the show you see that they are gay. there’s no need to proclaim it. would you put out a press release announcing a new heterosexual character? no, that would sound ridiculous.

  • The End

    @Joe Smith

    Shut up, scum. Don’t get so sensitive. TAAHM isn’t a show that’s afraid to make fun of people. They’re just describing the character. NO if it was a straight character they wouldn’t announce it but anybody would announce that a character was gay if they were. So just zip it, moron. You’re like the gay version of Spike Lee.

  • Lisa

    @Daniel, you write, “It says that CBS only has 8% of its characters as gay. I though the gay population was about 10%, doesnt that mean that they are very close in representing the gay community in the US. If you compare it to the number of African Americans and Hispanic on TV, that is a huge number”

    You read it wrong. The sentence actually says, “CBS came in last among the major networks, with only 8 percent of its programming featuring gay people or characters.”

    It says that 8 percent of CBS shows have any gay characters on them. No specific number of gay characters is cited. This is not a “huge number” compared to the number of black characters, since I’m pretty sure that at least 50 percent of CBS series feature at least one black character. And I’d bet that a lot more than 8 percent have at least one Hispanic character.

    How many gay characters on CBS shows can anyone here name? I don’t watch much CBS programming, so I can’t begin to make a list.

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