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July 10th, 2013

Camp Pilot

NBC's summer dramedy Camp premieres tonight, Based on the promos, it's a series about adults at a camp for children making sexual innuendos. Camp is not to be confused with USA's upcoming reality series Summer Camp. Some NBCUniversal executives must have very fond memories of their days at Camp Hiawatha! Based on NBC's other summer scripted offerings (Crossing Lines, Siberia), Camp is going to be screaming "It just doesn't matter" when the ratings come out tomorrow morning. However, it could benefit from it's America's Got Talent lead-in. Plus it stars Rachel Griffiths, which could be of interest to Brothers & Sisters fans. How do you think it will do? Make your predictions!

  • E.S.

    I say 1.3.

    Its broadcast competition is a repeat of “Criminal Minds” and a wedding-themed edition of “The Lookout” (which may take away some wedding-obsessed females). If it wasn’t for the “AGT” lead-in, I would say 1.0.

  • Greg

    Maybe I’m being optimistic, I think this one actually has a shot of being successful (by NBC’s standards, at least). They’re giving it some push from AGT, there’s not a lot of competition in this timeslot.

    I’m betting on a 1.6.

  • rob60990

    This show looks so bad. I’ll say 1.4.

  • NBC Fan

    Family Tools-0.6
    The Lookout-0.9

    Big Brother-2.2
    The American Baking Competition-1.2


    America’s Got Talent-2.3

  • fourat sakka


  • David.

    More quality programming from NBC I see. *sigh*

  • Darryl

    Without AGT it would likely be at or below Siberia’s 1.0 it got Monday. I’m guessing a 1.3 but that’s being REAL generous. Realistically I’d say a 1.2-1.0 is possible. At worst it could flop as bad if not worse than Do No Harm with that 0.9, but we shall see. I’m not very optomistic by any means though.

  • Joseph

    Might do a 2 in the 18-49 demo with the “America’s Got Talent” lead-in, and in it’s own slot, without “Talent” as a lead-in, should average 1.5.

    BTW, NBC has a historic liking to sitcoms about Summer camps: Back in the 1965/66 TV season, the network aired “Camp Runamuck”, a rather farcical sitcom about two Summer camps (one all-boys; the other all-girls) located on opposite sides of a northern California lake.

    It lasted a single season, and except for reruns airing for a short time on Nick At Nite, has not been broadcast since. In fact, I don’t think “Rumamuck” has ever been released on DVD.

  • rgxx

    I thought the trailer where the female counselor talks to the boy about sexual situations would be innapropriate to say such a thing…a man saying that to a young girl would get the guy in trouble.

    I hope its cancelled before it first end-run = LAME!

  • Samunto

    I think a 1.6 is possible. Let’s remember even Chicago Fire was at some point rating around that.
    Why is it that NBC isn’t using AGT to promote it’s scripted fare? I would air repeats of CF Tuesdays at 10 then have a 2nd hr of AGT Wednesdays airing into Camp. Not unless they really aren’t expecting much from Camp.

  • Tommy

    I’m being cautiously optimistic that it will be a 1.5/1.6. It’s actually the summer TV show I’m most looking forward too and from the trailers it looks like an awesome fluffy summer show. I can see the potential of it continuing on (but always as a summer show) with mid 1 ratings.

  • The End

    I went for 1.3-1.4 personally ;)

  • k:Alex

    Could be a fun show, but no high ratings.

  • HV

    America’s Got Talent 2.4
    Camp 1.8

  • CBSviewer

    1.5 at most !

  • JoeHamm

    AGT 2.3-2.5
    Camp 1.5-1.7

  • Jay

    This looks like the summer edition of Parenthood, it could go either way. I think it should been leading off Tuesdays in front of AGT, 10pm is too late for a show like that. The same goes with Parenthood.

  • Hardline_Pro

    It looks like junk. Hope it fails.

  • mike


  • Alex J

    I think they waited too long to premiere this. A month ago I was ready to add it to the shows I watched this summer. Now I really am apathetic about the whole show.

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