'A Shot in the Dark' - '20/20' Reports the Latest on the Zimmerman Trial Friday, July 12 on ABC

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July 11th, 2013

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The Story from Inside the Courtroom and Interviews with Key Players

Airs on “20/20” Tomorrow, Friday, July 12 on ABC



It’s been the burning question in a murder case that has polarized the country – what exactly happened when teenager Trayvon Martin was shot dead after a fatal encounter with 28-year-old George Zimmerman? Was it murder or self-defense? The case comes to a close after a heated three-week trial that presented the jury with two wildly different versions of events. From inside the courtroom and interviews with key players, ABC News’ Matt Gutman reports the latest and most in-depth information from the trial, on “20/20,” FRIDAY, JULY 12 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.


“20/20” is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir.


Plus: Many are watching the trial of George Zimmerman, but perhaps no one with more interest than Mindy Danaher. Her husband, Kelly, was shot and killed in Texas two years before Trayvon Martin. Like Zimmerman, Paul Rodriquez, the man who shot Kelly, claimed self defense under the Texas version of the Stand Your Ground law. David Muir interviews Mindy about the parallels between the two cases.


David Sloan is senior executive producer of “20/20” and John Green is the executive producer.



  • Joseph

    The case will likely go to the jury sometime around 1 P.M. EDT tomorrow (July 12th), but unless there’s a quick verdict (read: sometime late Friday, probably prior to 6 P.M. EDT), this special edition of “20/20″ won’t cover the verdict.

    I suspect that if the verdict doesn’t occur tomorrow, ABC will, if needed, pre-empt regular programming from 10 to 1 P.M. EDT on the day a verdict is reached for a special program on the verdict.

  • Joseph

    I wrote “ABC will, if needed, pre-empt regular programming” because if the verdict occurs on a day when “20/20″ was scheduled to air that evening, the verdict would become the topic of that night’s “20/20″.

    Also, expect CBS and NBC to broadcast full-hour prime-time specials the evening of the day the verdict is reached (probably also at 10 P.M. EDT), and for the cable news channels to broadcast hour-after-hour of live coverage of the verdict and it’s aftermath, unless either former South African president Nelson Mandela passes away or Duchess Kate gives birth the same day as the Zimmerman verdict; in which case the cable news channels will likely go back-and-forth between the two stories.

  • mike

    Just stop already

  • Roberta Duran

    Been following this whole thing and its
    sad how the media and the family, friends
    and others has made this out to be a race
    Issue. I could almost promise that if that poor
    Boy trayvon got a hold of that gun and shot
    Zimmerman, there wouldn’t be this uproar of
    Race. I think it’s sad because no matter how
    It comes out, Zimmerman is a target forever!
    I think Zimmerman didn’t want to kill him but
    Was thinking its “him or me”. This will not be a
    Fair trial. I think the jury will be afraid of the
    Consequences if they vote not guilty. I would!
    Sad that we’re in 2013 and we are still
    Divided. We could be listening to Zimmermans
    Death trial had it gone the other way.
    Will be a sad day no matter what the verdict
    Will be!-

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