Will 'Hollywood Game Night' Put NBC in the Ratings Game on Thursdays? - Poll

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July 11th, 2013

Hollywood Game Night

Tonight, Hollywood Game Night, in which contestants play games with celebrities in a cocktail party atmosphere, premieres on NBC. Though some viewers have complained the premise rips off a similar web series, it is something different for broadcast television.  The most recent episode of NBC's other summer game show,  The Winner Is..., which followed the finale of The Voice, earned a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating. (Tonight, we'll also find out how it does without The Voice.)  So how do you think Hollywood Game Night will fare?

  • CBSviewer


  • Lucas

    I think it’s gonna fly! 2.5

  • Nick

    I really think this one’s going to do well. Probably around a 2.0.

  • MichaelChickless

    I won’t be watching, but probably above 1.5.

  • NBC Fan

    Rookie Blue-1.1

    Big Brother-2.2

    Hell’s Kitchen-2.3

    The Winner Is-1.3
    Hollywood Game Night-1.6

  • TBFL

    I’d rather watch TableTop…

  • BenA

    Hgn might get a 1.2 rating with 4 million viewers total.

  • CBSviewer

    Tonight ratings:

    Wipeout: 1.1
    Motive: 1.0
    Rookie Blue: 1.3

    The Big Bang Theory (R): 1.5
    Two and a Half Men (R): 1.2
    Big Brother: 2.2
    Elementary (R): 0.9

    The Winner Is… (R): 0.8
    The Winner Is…: 1.6
    Hollywood Game Night: 1.5

    Hell’s Kitchen (R): 1.0
    Hell’s Kitchen: 2.2

    The Vampire Diaries (R): 0.3
    Beauty and the Beast (R): 0.2

  • HV

    No idea what to guess. But I don’t expect it to be a success.

  • brian

    1.3 seems a good bet. NBC doesn’t do well on Thursday nights and I can’t see this show being much of an exception. Best case scenario: Back to summer for Season 2.

  • SQ

    People will probably tune in because of the celebrities. But I think it will fall really quick. It just looks boring, form the trailer it seems just a group of people playing charades.

  • Flame

    Nobody’s gonna watch that – 0.9

  • Anna Bones Clarkwood

    While it’s an NBC RECENT death slot for the regular season, & it’s an NBC which has tried a lot of shows & failed recently, so ppl aren’t checking out what NBC premieres near as much, I still think it’s very good counter programming to what’s on @ that Hour, even Cable’s Top options from what I can recall.

    Which all means it could do surprisingly good.

    1.4-1.5 if I had to guess.

    I don’t think it will be above a 2 on it’s first night. If it’s good, word of mouth might be able to raise the ratings. I also don’t think it will be below a 1.0, for it’s premiere. If it stinks, it’s 2nd episode could very well be that low.

  • Jake

    Looks like its going to be hit by Sharknado!

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