Will 'Sharknado' Storm the Ratings? - Poll

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July 11th, 2013


The Sharknado: it's a tornado with sharks and Tara Reid! Ever since Syfy announced the title of its latest campy movie, social media has been abuzz. Half of my Twitter timeline this morning is about Sharknado. Will the hype translate into ratings, or is this another Snakes on a Plane situation in which people enjoy joking about the title but aren't actually motivated to watch? Another recent Syfy camp classic, Chupacabra vs. the Alamo, starring Erik Estrada, garnered a paltry 0.3 adults 18-49 rating on Saturday, March 23. (It was competing with the Kids Choice Awards.) The prospects are better for Sharknado given that it is airing on a Thursday against summer broadcast programming. So how do you think it will do? Make your prediction!


  • Jumbotron

    Personally, I hope this show does well. If for no other reason than so we can get a series of animal/weather crossover movies; Wolficane, Squidalanche, Tigernami, that sort of thing.

  • Oliver

    masked scheduler ?@maskedscheduler 1h
    0.4 18-49 rtg in local people meters for #Sharknado Will get total audience soon.

    Awww :(

  • Observer

    Craig Engler tweeted: Craig Engler ?@Syfy 19m
    At their peak the #sharknado tweets were coming in at 5,000 PER MINUTE.

    masked scheduler also tweeted:
    masked scheduler ?@maskedscheduler 1h
    #Sharknado last night #GrowUps2 today anyone still question that we are in the midst of a cultural Renaissance? Anyone?


    masked scheduler ?@maskedscheduler 52m
    Let’s b clear…ratings are what they are but in 2day’s video eco-system they tell only part of the story. This is a + for #SYFY in the end.

  • agsb2

    Its so bad, its good! My prediction 1.5, It will give “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” a fun for its money.

  • Observer

    Tweet from Syfypr:
    Syfy PR ?@SyfyPR 2m
    People. #Sharknado stats: 387K social mentions (97% driven by Twitter with the top hashtags #sharknado #syfy), five thousand tweets a minute

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