OWN Greenlights 8-Episode Lindsay Lohan Reality Series & Oprah Lands Lohan's Post Rehab Interview

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July 12th, 2013

lindsay lohan

There were only two places Lindsey Lohan's career could go: Syfy original movies or reality series. The troubled actress has picked the latter. Entertainment Weekly reports that Lohan will star in an eight  episode reality series for OWN chronicling her attempts to get her life back on track after she emerges from rehab. She will also sit down with Oprah for her first post-rehab interview. The interview will tape in August, after Lohan is released from her court ordered drug and alcohol dependency treatment.

  • jamie

    Sad, just plain sad.

  • Tiki

    Oprah has really fallen from grace.

  • OWN Fan

    Yes! Been waiting for this. This is going to put OWN in the big leads. Now with two big realty shows (Sweetie Pies, Iyanla) and with Tyler Perry scripted shows. OWN is defiantly the fastest growing network. And this proves that even without a daytime talk show (competition from GMA, Today, and other interview sources) Oprah still lands the exclusive interviews.

  • Sade

    I knew the trashy Discovery Communications would drag Oprah into the gutter, somehow.

  • TimsDale4ever

    8 episodes of what? — I’m a f-up! We already know this… But ——– it will be a ratings smash. Just wait!

  • rob60990

    Sounds like a trainwreck.


    @OWNFan. I wouldn’t call an interview with Lindsay Lohan that big of a deal. Jay Leno had her on few weeks ago, she’s kinda old news in terms of “OMG she’s a train wreck.” People have moved on to Amanda Bynes. I see this being a ratings looser.

  • OWN Fan

    Jay Leno? Really? This will be completely different. People do Jay Leno and David Letterman to avoid the hard questions and just to promote their merchandise. This will be a real sit-down; no let me talk about my film, my new perfume, none of that; no holds-barred.
    I’m thinking this will get Rihanna numbers (2.5 million). Just a year ago (August) Oprah interviewed Rihanna the same way. This a big interview. Every person has been trying to get it (Today, GMA, Barbara Walters).
    But we’ll see.

  • Danak

    This is assuming of course that Lohan will show up on time.


    @OWNFan. If Oprah did this interview a year or 2 ago, then it would be big. But this is no Lance Armstrong interview.


    @OWNFan. My point with the Jay Leno comment was to point out, it’s not like Lindsay/ her family have not done interviews recently. So Oprahs interview, whether Lindsay will be repeating what we already know or not, will seem like a “been there done that” type of interview to the CASUAL television viewer if they saw it on their TV guide.

  • mike

    Okra and her network,are so desperate.Sad for Lilo.

  • tom

    Syfy will never pick Lohan. They are too good for her. In fact, she can only do reality shows now since her acting is really a piece of poo and all she does is do stupid stuff. Her and Amanda Bynes are just losers and won’t be surprised if even VH1 rejects them.

  • Julie

    This is a horrible idea.

  • Ccemerson

    Is this not contradictory to what Oprah states is her mission to promote healthy living ??? Promoting a reality show that profiles a lost girl is just cashing in on this train wreck of a young lady. Tasteless

  • KC

    @Danak: This is assuming that Lohan will show up that day/week at all.

  • serendipity’s last stand

    The really sad thing is the 17 year old lilo was talented she could sing and act but addiction has destroyed that. I have never understood why people do drugs.

  • Richard

    I like Oprah, but she is such a hypocrite. When she launched the network, she kept saying how she wanted to produce ‘mindful’ television, and how she detested cheap, mindless reality TV. Flashforward a couple of years, and she’s greenlit a series for Lindsay Lohan. Money speaks louder than words.

  • John


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