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July 12th, 2013

Cult 1987 Poll

Tonight the final episode of Cult airs on the CW. The genre drama has hit a lowly 0.1 adults 18-49 at 9PM for the past two weeks. . But will it go the extra mile  tonight and hit a 0.0 adults 18-49 rating? It seems unlikely, but sooner or later a broadcast show will fail to generate enough viewers in the to merit even a tenth of a ratings point. It happens on cable channels all the time. Maybe tonight will be the night! Or maybe the show's few fans will rally and the show will go out with some dignity. Make your predictions!


  • Jeff R.

    What’s the current record-holder? Are we sure some show hasn’t had its last episode burned off at 1 AM Sunday?

  • John A

    8pm 0.2 9pm 0.1. Same as last week.

  • Kissan

    NOBODY I repeat NOBODY watch tonight!!!!

  • Jamie

    I agree with John A. I think it will be the same as last week. Some people have caught on that Cult is on and I think this week will increase alittle in viewers but not in adult 18-49. I don’t think it will bottom out though!

  • Samunto

    LOL we’re so mean.

  • Doug

    I’m waiting for something on the big 4 to do a 0 share. We’ve gotten close, but never quite hit it yet.

  • Mal

    I’m tempted to watch this train wreck for the first time for the hell of if… But if I do, it might get higher than 0.0, and then what’s the use?

  • Benny

    Does 0.0 exist? I didn’t know, ahah

  • Mike

    You say some cable shows hit 0.0 ratings… I have a question if a show hits a 0.0 but still has some viewers, does the network still get paid for the airing? About how much

  • Joseph

    There are three possibilities that I can see which could give “Cult”‘s finale a 0.0 rating tonight (July 12th) among adults between 18 and 49 years of age:

    (1) A verdict in the George Zimmerman trial occurring this evening, which would drive those watching TV to the cable news channels (and to a lesser extent, ABC, CBS, and NBC).

    Although there is no verdict at this writing (4:20 P.M. EDT), I doubt the jury deliberations will go until 8 or 9 P.M. EDT, unless the jurors think they’re close to a verdict by around 6 EDT and the jurors then get the okay to continue.

    However, if the verdict comes before or around 6 P.M. EDT, and if it’s a controversial one, coverage of the reactions could run all evening, especially on CNN, Fox News Channel, HLN, and MSNBC.

    Odds of a quick Zimmerman verdict that could affect viewing levels of networks not carrying news coverage: Very little.

    (2) Two major films, “Pacific Rim” and “Grown Ups 2″, are opening in theatres today.

    However, I think both may be box-office flops and not hits. But if they are hits at the box-office, they will lure many younger adults to the movies.

    Odds of those films becoming big hits and affecting TV viewing levels: Moderate.

    (3) Nice weather keeping people outside: In the Northeast, Midwest, and right along the West Coast, the weather will be dry, and could keep people out this evening.

    Odds of that affecting TV viewing levels: Possible.

    The bottom line: A 0.0 is possible, but I’d give a 40% chance of it happening.

  • Doug

    @ Mike – Remember, 0.1 = 129,000 viewers. Counting for rounding, a 0.0 would have to be 64,999 18-49s or fewer. So they are still drawing adults, just not enough to count as a ratings point. For the really tiny cable nets, sometimes they’ll send out PR and you’ll see numbers like a 0.05 rating.

  • Lucas

    90210 got a 0.2! If it goes down the same way I believe it will make a 0.0.

  • Dan S

    Sad we’re rooting for 0.0 but c’mon, this is The CW. I think Cult had more viewers in their program than here in the real world. I hope to see Robert Knepper again but something of a higher caliber

  • LL

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but its not happening. Its best chance of happening was last Friday which was the Friday after the 4th and if it didn’t happen that week its never happening.

  • LovingLostGirl

    Am I the only person watching this show? It ain’t that bad.

  • Anthony

    If it didn’t happen last week, I don’t see how a 0.0 could possibly happen this week. It could however break the record for lowest rated broadcast finale ever though. If I’m not mistaken a few CW series have hit .2 for their finales (LA Complex and 90210) but have any ever hit a .1 for the finale?

  • Shepherd

    I think we’ll see a series low for viewers, but I doubt it will hit a 0.0. Everyone knows the show is canceled, I’m sure some fans are thinking “why bother”. Nothing against Cult, but I’m still hoping for a 0.0!

    I really wish they would automatically release the ratings to the 1/100 for any show below 0.5 though; at least for broadcast, but that will never happen.

  • Alan

    I’m expecting a 0.2 or a 0.3

  • Trevor

    This may be because most peopl don’t even realize its still on…. I know liked the first half of the season then it was gone I thought it had already been canceled

  • Billiam

    I’m sure there is at least one Nielson diary-keeper serial killer out there who wants to start a cult of his own and hates ‘The Following’ but can’t be pulled away from Cult tonight… there’s always ONE and with the way Nielson works, he will count as 1000…

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