History’s New Series 'Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning' Premieres August 1

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July 15th, 2013


via press release:

Still at it after 150 years!
The epic American family feud rages on.

Meet the real-life descendants of the famed rival clans in…




New series premieres Thursday, August 1 at 10 p.m. on HISTORY®


July 15, 2013, New York, NY – To this day, the Hatfields and McCoys still live along the West Virginia and Kentucky border on the same land where their ancestors waged America’s most notorious family feud. 150 years later, they are still working the coal mines and still making moonshine. Divided by the Tug River and generations of bad blood, they still don’t get along. Sure, over the years treaties have been signed and handshakes exchanged, but none of that can erase their violent past.


Now, the legendary clans are trying to put aside their hateful history and come together, even as old tensions run high. HATFIELDS AND McCOYS: WHITE LIGHTNING, premiering Thursday, August 1 at 10 p.m. on HISTORY®, follows the current real-life descendants of Randall McCoy and Devil Anse Hatfield as they face an opportunity that could rewrite history – or further propel their hatred well into the 21st century.


With moonshine now legal in West Virginia, seasoned liquor executive Monsell Darville is looking to bring an authentic new moonshine brand to market. He approaches McCoy patriarch Jim Quick, a direct maternal descendent of Randall McCoy, to boldly propose a business partnership with the Hatfields – one that would create a Hatfield & McCoy moonshine. This would require Jim to work alongside patriarch Mark Hatfield, the great-great-great grandson of Devil Anse Hatfield. It would also demand that both families reveal their secret moonshine recipes, supply their legendary well water and most importantly – work together and get along!


The Hatfields and McCoys are true American originals. A stubborn streak runs a mile wide in these parts, and long-held grudges can even pit brother against brother. Grannies talk trash and tote guns. Long-suffering wives try to keep hot-headed husbands in line. But nobody trusts an outsider.


It’s all a matter of history, principle and family pride for the warring clans. With millions of dollars at stake, is it possible to put their bad blood behind them? Can they stop seeing red and start making green? Or will their infamous history prevail and kill the chance of a lifetime?


HATFIELDS & McCOYS: WHITE LIGHTNING is produced for HISTORY by Coolfire Originals and Thinkfactory Media. Executive producers for Coolfire Originals are Jeff Keane, David Keane, and Arcadia Berjonneau. Executive producers for Thinkfactory Media are Adam Freeman, Adam Reed, Leslie Greif, Co-executive producer is Chris Gillen. Carl H. Lindahl and Julian P. Hobbs are executive producers for HISTORY.

  • Nick

    So, they spun off the miniseries into a reality show. Wow.

  • OWN Fan

    Oh, WHATever. I bet they came together just after the tv show aired. Probably didn’t even know each other after the show aired.

  • Hatfield

    As a descendant of Valentine Hatfield (who does not live in the Mango County area because of moving), no matter what the old fights and
    betrayals are, they always going to be there. Both families are a quite bunch of folks and will not talk about the past nor the present between the families

  • History channel fan

    The commercials look awesome!!!!!!

  • JM

    Mickey McCoy was my Drama teacher at Sheldon Clark highschool.He is a decendant of the McCoys and so am I however I never heard him say anything bad about the Hatfields and the feud is long over with Pike County has Hatfield and McCoy days fair/festival every year and necause of these facts and believe that this show is pretty much fictional with a bit of fact thrown in here or there

  • mtnflower

    Of course, the feud is over. I wish the facts, not embroidered fiction could be presented. The trouble started during the Civil War, a war which nearly split our country in two. Everyone involved suffered tragic loss. The families get along, I know. I was one of the signers of the truce agreement in 2003 in Pikeville, KY.

  • Zakara Shirley

    I met Jim Quick and I’m glad I got the chance too. I met him in Ripley while he was staying there with his crew to film for the next day! Great man!

  • Willy

    Too bad the other show ideas didn’t pan out:
    Hatfields and McCoys: Reading Shakespeare
    Hatfields and McCoys: Demonstrate Calculus
    Hatfields and McCoys: Discussing Taoism

  • Descendant

    This show is such crap…Yes Hatfields and McCoys still live side by side and guess what, we’re not killing each other. Fued is and HAS been over a LOOONNGGG time now! The miniseries was nothing but a bunch of lies too! I know some of these people and please believe me when I say, we’re not all such backwards stupid rednecks! All of the b.s. is for nothing more than money.

  • Sandra Rankins

    The new Show the Hadtfields and McCoys is good for tv but you can’t take it seriously the feud is what over a hundred years and if you look at the history no today know what it came to blood shed but I’m not going to down anyone trying to make money for their families to live better. We need more people to think like them to give their children and grandchildren better they they have it and better than family members that have passed away and gone to meet the good lord.Plus the yankees like to watch rednecks so take advantage of it look how long they took advantage of the good old country boys. my hat if off to both the families (GOOD WORK KEEP IT UP)

  • Mary

    Jim last name is Quick, not McCoy and that’s not his son!! It’s all fake. Hated the show!!

  • emma

    This show is crap! Im a descendant of Ole Ran’l (Randall) McCoy & Sarah McCoy.. Both families are a quite bunch of folks and will not talk about the past nor the present between the families.. I could not believe the crap/lies they were saying about the feud on the series and this new show is even worst! It all seems fake and the History channel needs to learn there history about Pike County before they put it all over TV thinking they know everything.. They is actually a tour they can take and know the truth about the feud because it is led by a actual McCoy and not someone thinking they know what they are talking about.. I know there are a lot of family members putting a law suit against the History channel for bashing some of our family and not stating the truth but only what they have heard or seen on the internet..

  • Really

    Does the history channel does not have anything more educating than this bs??? A lot of people said the feud is over but if not, it was stupid before as is as stupid today. Or should I say they are as stupid as they were before. Too much inbreeding.

  • Jason McCoy

    this is an email i sent to bill richardson and to date he has not responded

    Dear Mr. Richardson,

    There are many things about this show called, “White Lightening”, that I and my family, being McCoys, aren’t happy about. I have from a good source of which you will deny, that there are several things in the episodes that are made up or staged, such as fights, bad words between people, for the benefit of Hollywood. Which in my opinion is a Lie, from what you told everybody that this show would be respectable to both families and Mr. Richardson this is Not respectable. This is just an attempt by you to make a name for yourself and to hell with the Hatfields and McCoys. You are making a profit from the blood that was shed on the banks of the Tug RIver denegrating those families that were destroyed by the feud over one hundred years ago. You have picked a family patriarch, James Quick and his entire family, with the exception of the few episodes that Mickey McCoy is in, to portray the McCoys, he doesn’t have the last name McCoy and on the show you give him the name, this is nothing more than a lie you want everyone to believe. The Quick family didn’t even show up for the casting call. I wonder how the McCoys that drove from states far away would feel to know their trip they made was in vain, knowing the fix would be in for the Quick family. You must be so proud of this production that you can’t even call the (McCoys) by their real name. Now I know his line of McCoys go back to Samual, but having said that you are still unable to use his REAL name, QUICK. I hope and pray that as the episodes continue that this show does not appear as an older generation of the television show Buck Wild, but I have my doubts. My entire family in WV, KY, GA, MI and OH are appauled that you have made us (Hatfields and McCoys) look like fighting hillbillies. I personally visit the Mingo County Courthouse and sit and talk sometimes for hours with my dear friend, Jim Hatfield, of which I could stay in a room and talk and laugh with him for hours without fighting. But, your show wants to give the impression that the Hatfields and McCoys are still in a feud and they are NOT. I hope that if there is a second season you will pick a cast that will show the truth about the Hatfields and McCoys TODAY, not a hundred years ago.

    Harold Jason McCoy
    Great Great Great Grandson of Asa Harmon McCoy

  • Herb

    What a pathetic attempt at a “reality” show…another one season wonder

  • Sam

    Where is Nancy Hatfield Mounts in all of this? This is Billies oldest daughter she is the brains of the family. Everyone knows she is the one that is the business women behind this family. I worked for Nancy for many years and I can tell you I love her to the moon and back but she was very hard to work for but I will say she was the best person I ever worked for in all my days. I actually miss working for her, Nancy if you ever read this please let me work for your moonshine company! Where are you at in these episodes? Everyone knows you are the meanest of the clan! And the true business women! I always called her Ewell Jr. business mind and all! (If I was a betting woman, I would say Nancy is the backing of this business I got on fb and seen her moonshine page. Nancy please make an appearance we are all waiting for you in Southern WV! We love and miss you and cant wait to come back and work for you in your moonshine company.

  • Kimberly

    Everyone use to come into Billie Ann’s to look at the Hatfield Heritage, Nancy had all the books and pictures. Her and Billie were the Partriarchs of the Hatfield Family Heritage. WE WANT NANCY Hope to see you next Thursday! We have been looking for you! Boy they havent seen mean until they meet her! She is a tough business women I bet those ol McCoys wouldnt get anything by her! Love you Nancy

  • Craig hatfield

    I live in Mingo county and yes the TRUE descendants do not get along at all. There is a ton of 5th cousins of devil Anses dog that act like they are true blood that get together and portray that they are the clan, but true blood like myself (great great great grandson of devil anse) do not like the mccoys one bit. They are dirty and my family has had a many fights with them! I hate these wanna be’s!!!!

  • Shannon Bhatty

    Its so neat to see other decendents of my McCoy family. My great grandmother was a McCoy. Would love to tie down family tree branches and get more info on geneology. My family lives in different areas of Indiana.

  • Old Friend

    I’ve known one of the cast members for almost half a century. I know he really hated anyone bringing up the feud and his families connection to it. It seems so strange to see him talking like a hillbilly and acting he does on the show. I don’t begrudge anyone making some money but I know he is aware of the damage that historical event had on the area. I am actually shocked that he is participating. But that’s his choice. I just know he used to really get upset at the mention of his family being connected to all that stuff. It’s a complete turnaround for him and I’m not sure if it’s because he wants the money or what. It’s just something of a shock to me.

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