History’s New Series 'Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning' Premieres August 1

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July 15th, 2013


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Still at it after 150 years!
The epic American family feud rages on.

Meet the real-life descendants of the famed rival clans in…




New series premieres Thursday, August 1 at 10 p.m. on HISTORY®


July 15, 2013, New York, NY – To this day, the Hatfields and McCoys still live along the West Virginia and Kentucky border on the same land where their ancestors waged America’s most notorious family feud. 150 years later, they are still working the coal mines and still making moonshine. Divided by the Tug River and generations of bad blood, they still don’t get along. Sure, over the years treaties have been signed and handshakes exchanged, but none of that can erase their violent past.


Now, the legendary clans are trying to put aside their hateful history and come together, even as old tensions run high. HATFIELDS AND McCOYS: WHITE LIGHTNING, premiering Thursday, August 1 at 10 p.m. on HISTORY®, follows the current real-life descendants of Randall McCoy and Devil Anse Hatfield as they face an opportunity that could rewrite history – or further propel their hatred well into the 21st century.


With moonshine now legal in West Virginia, seasoned liquor executive Monsell Darville is looking to bring an authentic new moonshine brand to market. He approaches McCoy patriarch Jim Quick, a direct maternal descendent of Randall McCoy, to boldly propose a business partnership with the Hatfields – one that would create a Hatfield & McCoy moonshine. This would require Jim to work alongside patriarch Mark Hatfield, the great-great-great grandson of Devil Anse Hatfield. It would also demand that both families reveal their secret moonshine recipes, supply their legendary well water and most importantly – work together and get along!


The Hatfields and McCoys are true American originals. A stubborn streak runs a mile wide in these parts, and long-held grudges can even pit brother against brother. Grannies talk trash and tote guns. Long-suffering wives try to keep hot-headed husbands in line. But nobody trusts an outsider.


It’s all a matter of history, principle and family pride for the warring clans. With millions of dollars at stake, is it possible to put their bad blood behind them? Can they stop seeing red and start making green? Or will their infamous history prevail and kill the chance of a lifetime?


HATFIELDS & McCOYS: WHITE LIGHTNING is produced for HISTORY by Coolfire Originals and Thinkfactory Media. Executive producers for Coolfire Originals are Jeff Keane, David Keane, and Arcadia Berjonneau. Executive producers for Thinkfactory Media are Adam Freeman, Adam Reed, Leslie Greif, Co-executive producer is Chris Gillen. Carl H. Lindahl and Julian P. Hobbs are executive producers for HISTORY.

  • Old Friend

    Yeah it should have been “family’s”.

  • Tim Smith McCoy

    I have changed my name to Jimmy Smith McCoy Quick McCoy, can I be on the show too? I can do silly things, shoot at stuff, and get into fake arguments for the camera over some spilled mustard because that is what passes for History channel entertainment.
    I also had a feud with a nasty yellow jacket, that summinabich, and we still have ill feelings towards each other as he stings me every chance he gets.
    I will marry Courtney and love her long time for the camera, giving her last name Quick a whole ‘nother meaning

  • James Dugan

    Let me start by saying that I despise this show. They portray these people as idiots. My mother was Myrtle G. Jones, Daughter of Ona Mae Hatfield and Colman p. Jones. I intend to file a cease and desist to stop the lies. Our family and the McCoy family are good people and don’t deserve the slander and defamatory actions and comments that this show portrays.

  • Randal Whitt

    I am a real Hatfield (gr gr grandson of Devil Anse) this show is an insult to not only the families but the entire region. I will no longer watch the history channel. No self self respecting Hatfield or McCoy would participate in this farce. I hope the “family members” in the show see this and take it upon themselves to confront me next time I’m back that way, I’ll be looking for them.

  • Mike

    I dig this show. Stop complaining

  • Taco

    That is some scripted reality if I ever seen some

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