Make Your Predictions for 'Under the Dome' Episode 4

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July 15th, 2013


Under the Dome episode 4 airs tonight, and we want to know how you think it'll fare. If you need a quick refresher, Under the Dome earned a 3.3 premiere rating, and then slid to a 2.9, followed by a 2.7 adults 18-49 rating last week. Will it dip further tonight, or do you think it will be stable in its fourth week?

No poll today(technical issues, sorry!) but we still want to hear your predictions for tonight in the comments!

  • Separate Entity

    In the book Angie dies on page 20, so you’re absolutely right about the story not needing her!

  • DKS

    The series is a bore, it should have been a 2-hour TV movie (90 minutes program material plus commercials). I’ll go with at least another .2 loss this week as people lose interest, for a 2.5.

  • Lauren

    2.8. I actually really enjoyed this episode and hopefully things will get off the ground a bit more after a few slow episodes.


    Though last nights episode brought some kind of “action” ( if u were to call it that) , the terrible script & characters bring the show down. There were some laughable moments/lines u’d expect to see on a SyFy original movie.

  • Jesimiel


  • John A

    Yeah that Episode 4 was better than last week. Still a dull show in general

  • Colin

    The bashing of this show on the internet is normal for these kind of shows.

    But that has NOTHING to do with the reality, thats something that people have to learn. I expect very stable 2.7 and a renewal very soon.

  • Andrew

    It will stay stable at 2.7

    Episode 3 was great!

  • Tianyi Li

    I would predict 2.5 to 2.6 in rating. However, it also depends on how interesting the episode was, if it was boring, the rating could be lower.

  • peter

    Worst show on TV.

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