'The Lying Game' Canceled After Two Seasons by ABC Family

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July 15th, 2013


According to several sources, ABC Family's The Lying Game has been canceled after two seasons.

  • SoSad

    @Dennis – I’m in my 40s and I’m upset so there!

    @JohnA – their ratings weren’t that bad

    @Colin – what a nice person you are “rme”

    I’m sorely disappointed. No more ABCFamily for me. Never watched PLL or any other ABCFamil show until Lying Game. They’ve lost this viewer, LOL, which I’m sure doesn’t mean squat to them!!!

  • ChasingLifeSucks

    I loved The Lying Game but this news doesn’t surprise me at all. ABC Family clearly favored Twisted more and Twisted was pulling in similar ratings to The Lying Game, expecting ABC Family to pick The Lying Game over Twisted when they clearly like Twisted more and Twisted was pulling in similar ratings, plus the fact that Twisted is a new show and can easily gain more viewers (ratings increased last week), the fact that Twisted is airing in the summer and how they don’t want to waste weeks airing a show with no future after their biggest hit (PLL), the fact that they own Twisted and Warner Brothers owns The Lying Game, ect., ect, The Lying Game had a really long shot at coming back :(

    ABC Family treated The Lying Game, along with the cast, crew, and fans, horribly. Waiting to see how their new summer shows do really bothered me but what’s even worse is how ABC Family basically ordered this Chasing Life show, which is totally off brand and sounds like a depressing disaster, over The Lying Game. The Lying Game could have filled Chasing Life’s slot in winter, instead ABC Family made The Lying Game compete against Twisted for a winter spot, which is not fair to either show, it’s not fair to make the decision to cancel Twisted after only a few weeks on the air and it’s not fair to The Lying Game to cancel the series after only a few episodes of its “replacement” show have aired. Instead of ordering Chasing Life they should have renewed The Lying Game and not base its future on how well Twisted performs in the first few weeks.

    Odd that they still haven’t announced anything on Bunheads, does anyone think that maybe they are waiting to see if Sutton Foster receives an Emmy nomination? It would be pretty embarrassing for ABC Family if their first Emmy nomination in that category is from a show they just cancelled.

  • Kissan

    Wow. I mean I don’t watch this show but this really sucks for the fans and I even thought this was gonna get renewed because it was steady. I wonder what ABC Family is doing about Bunheads right now,are they gonna renew or cancel it today or no? I always knew The Fosters was gonna get a back order and now Twisted might probably get a back order. What I would’ve done was renew SAB for a full season 3, give The Fosters and Twisted a back order and cancel Bunheads. Then in January 2014 let SAB and The Fosters come back on Mondays with PLL and Twisted on Tuesdays and then in the summer do SAB season 3B with Chasing Life on Mondays and PLL and Ravenswood on Tuesdays. ABC Family has to make The Fosters and Twisted stronger so one day they can start the night off at 8:00.

  • Michael

    It was a better show than PLL, in my opinion. They didn’t drag story-lines!

  • John A

    @SoSad ah it was canceled so obviously the ratings were BAD.

  • John A

    Most of the fans of this were annoying with the ‘Ratings were steady and Consitant’ BS. I mean also basing twisted wasnt fair. IMO this and Twisted should be axed especally if Twisted go back to pulling 0.5 again.

  • Bella Bellini

    Nothing annoys me more (in the world of TV) than when networks cancel shows with decent ratings on a CLIFFHANGER.

    ABC Family will probably cancel Twisted after season 2 without solving the mystery anyway. They are looking for highly rated shows like Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth. Twisted doesn’t get those ratings.

    @ChasingLifeSucks I doubt ABC Family is waiting for Emmy nomination announcements. There’s no way an ABC Family show will be nominated in any category at this point. There is too much competition and talent right now. And let’s face it, ABC Family isn’t exactly a ‘critically acclaimed’ network. Their only chance for Emmy or Golden Globe consideration would be if they added Young Adult Drama or Comedy category.

    However, Bunheads did win that California tax lottery credit. Do you think that was the deciding factor for the Lying Game? I guess we’ll know once we hear about Bunheads.

  • halloween


  • John A

    Im surprised that Bunheads hasnt been canceled too. I mean i thought that would be announced before TLG.

  • s0303

    i figured it wouldn’t come back after season 2 was only 10 episodes…still sucks though :( hopefully the cast will move on to bigger things…alexandra chando is awesome…

  • Billiam


    I think now that ABCF has started announcing cancellations, we will see Bunheads being announced as cancelled soon too. I’m with you, I want more Bunheads but don’t see it happening.

  • ChasingLifeSucks

    Bella, ABC Family didn’t even submit Bunheads for an Emmy nomination but Sutton Foster did submit herself for best actress, and although it is a long shot, she did receive a best actress nomination for the Critics Choice Awards (up against Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep), Lena Dunham (Girls), Laura Dern (HBO’s Enlightened), and Zooey Deschanel (New Girl)) so I do think there is a small chance she could pull an emmy nom off. Why take the risk and announce the series as cancelled when you only need to wait a few more days until the Emmy nominations come out? Again it would look really bad if their first best actress nomination ever comes from a show they just cancelled. If she were to pull off the best actress nomination I can’t see ABC Family not bringing the show back.

    As for the tax credit, as far as I know The Lying Game had its own tax credit in the state where they shoot (Texas I think), and it has been well known for weeks that Bunheads won the tax credit lottery. So if they did end up picking Bunheads over The Lying Game it doesn’t make sense that they would wait this long to make the decision. ABC Family has always implied that the decisions of Bunheads and The Lying Game would be decided based on how well The Fosters and Twisted do. This is why I think the Emmy nominations may have something to do with Bunheads. For all we know they have already made the decision to cancel Bunheads and are just waiting until they know for sure that there is no incentive for them to bring the show back (which is sad because i’m a big Bunheads fan as well)

  • ethan

    yet another horrible decision by the brass at abcF this station has become such a joke in the way that it’s run, ever since the old boss left to go to ABC. this show was rele cancelled one and a half season, which is just pathetic. the least abcF could have done was give it a final 10(or, heck even a final 8 would have been nice). Shame on you abcF!


    It’s messed up that fans had to know about the cancelation from one of the stars rather than the network itself. It’s so obvious to me that Bunheads is dead. It’s just that none of the actors have opened their mouths yet. Seems to me that’s how the viewers to going to know about it…if they haven’t got the hint aleady. Shame, shame ABCF! Fans deserve more respect!

  • dddddddd

    The Flopping Game has been canceled. No surprise here.

  • Nikki

    This is so stupid.. one of the better shows on TV and it gets canceled. ABCFamily is just like the CW. Wont bother with the network anymore… i love pretty little liars and Switched at Birth but i wont watch anymore. NBC is the only channle for me now. How pathetic this network is.

  • Tom

    It’s interesting that ABCF still hasn’t made a formal announcement canceling TLG. I can only speculate that might be because the network suits want to issue a press release announcing the fates of both TLG and Bunheads.

  • ChasingLifeSucks

    Tom, ABC Family (along with most networks) never puts out a press release announcing a show is cancelled. The most they do is confirm the show is cancelled to media outlets when asked. ABC Family has officially confirmed The Lying Game is cancelled to the media outlets (Hollywood Reporter, Zap2it) who have called them for comment, they also told the Hollywood Reporter that no decision has yet been made on Bunheads.

  • platypus Perry

    Abc Family should’ve canceled this show a while back instead of dragging it around like a half alive lizard in a cats mouth.

    Maybe CW could air this as a Summer Series very wishful thinking

  • Tom

    @ CLS

    Thanks for the background information. I can only assume then that ABCF’s strategy for Bunheads is to withhold any further comment until the younger cast members reach their thirties.

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