'The Lying Game' Canceled After Two Seasons by ABC Family

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July 15th, 2013


According to several sources, ABC Family's The Lying Game has been canceled after two seasons.

  • Marixa

    The lying game has a great cast and an amazing production team I wish all of this was a lie the lying game was the only show that was good enough to be in the ranks of PLL and Switched at birth ohh well that’s what keeps good actors out of their shows the lack of stability when it comes to renewals and cancels i hope that twisted falls flat on its face because its getting the same ratings the lying game got in its second season. I’m pissed at ABC Family because they treated this show horribly the least they could have done was a short 8 episode season! Ohh well ABC Family you suck as a network !

  • Julian

    Season 2 of TLG was a disappointment compared to the first IMO. I thought a 10 episode third season to wrap things up was a possibility, but I don’t think anyone can honestly be surprised by its cancellation.

    Its ratings were mediocre. Relatively steady as the shows fans like to attest, but mediocre nonetheless. Twisted will likely pull in roughly the same #’s, and while nothing to brag about, at least ABC Family owns Twisted. Regardless, I doubt it to be around all that long either.

    Financially, it makes sense.

  • Ann

    I’m a big fan of Alex Chando since her ATWT days but I’ll admit I just couldn’t get into The Lying Game. I still hoped for success for the show but the way ABC Family kept taking it off the air for nearly a year, I knew they didn’t have faith in the show and would cancel it. Especially with the success of The Fosters.

  • Dan

    When its 9 months after the series has wrapped production and 4 since the series last aired, you know you’re in trouble.

    The fact is The Fosters and Twisted are performing great so there’s no need for ABC Family to bring back The Lying Game or Bunheads.

  • Dan

    If anything I expect

    Bunheads to be cancelled soon

    The Fosters to get a back order and last a while (like Secret Life, Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth)

    Twisted to get a back order but be cancelled after a full season after next spring.

  • ChadCronin

    There definitely were several storylines I was looking forward too. I don’t see why with these little “10 episode” seasons why they couldn’t have done a final season renewal to give people some conclusions. Things like this definitely will make many people think twice about starting a new show with them wondering if the same thing will happen again. I really liked Wildfire and Kyle XY. They need to keep good shows coming. I am still watching Switched at Birth, Melissa & Joey, and Baby Mama. Just started Twisted, so I am still @ 4 shows. Lying game had a good cast and potential. I’m not watching Bunheads.

  • Tv Sucks

    Makes sense. But I will miss Alex Chando :(

  • Lake0z

    This is so disappointing! I’m starting to think I should stop watching all together, because it’s so frustrating getting hooked on shows, knowing they will get canceled. I loved TLG a lot. The CW does the same thing. They should at least film one last episode resolving the show. The millions of loyal fans deserve at least that.

  • artzi

    They sure could’ve ended it better.

  • Tom

    I don’t believe that Bunheads is currently in limbo because of ratings. Clearly, it’s arguably the best show that no one watches. ABCF has any number of shows that get better ratings, meaning that Bunheads could have easily been cancelled months ago. What seems to be the sticking point is that the cast does a terrific job of taking the sketchy and unstructured material and producing occasional moments of near brilliance. This has caught the attention of critics which then raises the question of what, if anything, can be done to make the program appeal to a wider audience. Solving that puzzle might not be possible, but I suspect that ABCF is not going to dismiss the possibility that, with appropriate changes, someone as acclaimed as Sutton Foster might be able to turn Bunheads around.

  • K.H.

    I love it when a TV show is cancelled, fans of the typically low rated show are upset cause they “didn’t get any closure”. The television business is just that, a business, not a non-profit organization.

  • Gbolling1984

    I’m not surprised. when tyler christopher got a new GH contract i thought the spelled the end for sure. I never watched it but i know friends who loved it. I think they just want to go with something new. Twisted is getting similar ratings but maybe since it’s in season 1 now they think they can build on that audience and felt like The lying game had run its course. Crappy they didn’t properly end it though

  • panda22

    Utterly *GUTTED* :( ….bloody ABC Family!!….it deserved 10 more eps. to finish the series/story off. So what about Bunheads?

  • platypus Perry

    @ K.H. I agree with you in regards to your business and non profit statement,however It’s not about it being canceled as much as it was HOW it was canceled by ABC Family Network which was distasteful.

    However I hoped this low rated guilty pleasure had a part 2B 10 episode Run but am not surprised by the outcome.

    The show was based on books so if they are similar which I imagine it is, I guess fans could read the books to see what happens.

  • RS

    I agree with you, Tom, that Bunheads is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Crisp writing, great characters, even secondary characters you want to get to know . . . great stuff. (I’m prejudiced; I was sick today, and watched a rerun of Gilmore Girls – what a great show) The only other thing I regularly watch on this channel is S @ Birth. But, as a mystery lover (Agatha rules the world), I object to leaving the PLL fans without resolution. You must end a mystery. It’s a moral imperative.

  • SMG4E

    YES! This is great news for Twisted!

  • Fox

    Wow it was just 14 months ago they were calling it a “hit drama.”

  • Dan

    @Fox – funny how things can change in a year

  • Alan

    Not really unexpected. I thought it would be renewed over Bunheads! My prediction is that they will cancel both, and keep The Fosters and Twisted. There’s no way Bunheads is getting another season when it had lower ratings than TLG’s.

  • Marlene

    I figure they might try to save Bunheads and pair it with The Fosters since it looks like ABC Family is happy with it’s growth Switched at Birth has proved that it is still a grrat lead in with a fanbase that is open to new shows so they’ll probably put Chasing life after it. If ABC Family really wants to amp up ratings and get rid of low performing shows then it should cancel Twisted too it’s going down the same road TLG went and even faster. ABC Family is trying to hard to make these dramas happen they’re not going to happen in the words of Gretchen Weinners PLL was that exception and since then no dramas have performed as well. I’ll miss the lying game very much it was a great show with a great cast and a great plot unfortunately the ratings just didn’t happen for them it would be a miracle if another network picked it up or if it would be uncanceled Hopefully Alexandra Chando and the rest of the Cast goes on to great things with a network that treats them right !

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