'The Lying Game' Canceled After Two Seasons by ABC Family

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July 15th, 2013


According to several sources, ABC Family's The Lying Game has been canceled after two seasons.

  • Marlene

    Lol I mean Regina George

  • Rodolfo

    Stupid unprofessional channel could’ve at least given us and ending!!! Would it be that hard to make 10 more episodes??????? I hope they lose ratings on all their shows now!!!!!!!! #abcfiasco

  • Grant

    Well ABCFam has lost a viewer of 3 of their shows now.
    I ask people to seriously consider skipping any and all abcfam shows they might watch this next week to return to the slap in the face of disrespect back at them.

  • Qutre

    Yes finally the show was not getting anywhere

  • Nikki

    They should add Alexandra Chando to PLL or Ravenswood… shes an incredible actress.Id even watch her on NBCs Parenthood as Drews college girlfriend. Damn ABCFamily.. this was such a good show. At least i still have the books.

  • Tianyi Li

    I sort of see that coming. Unfortunate for the fans, they didn’t get a proper closure as the end of 2nd Season was clearly an open ending

  • Dan

    Well anyone know when cast options expire for Bunheads?

  • Penny

    NO! It was my favorite show next to PLL. Gonna miss the beautiful and talented Alexandra Chando :(

    Count me out on Twisted.

  • danielle

    Man this sucks you just left us hanging at least let them finish inelastic season

  • danielle

    It was a good ending too, I was excited for the next season

  • ToXiX

    New Twisted tonight :)

  • Andrea

    They cancel a and great and interesting show like The Lying Game , but start up a crap reality show like The Vineyard? Way to go ABC Family…-.-

  • Siblues

    I wonder why this news wasnt released before seson two dvds went on sale?

  • Nicole

    Really? Omg I loved that show. The least they could do is end the season off right. I know there weren’t many ratings but to be honest The Lying Game is 10x better than PLL don’t get me wrong I love PLL to death but I loved TLG even more :/ This is VERY sad. The only reason PLL is popular is because teenage girls started a thing by watching it & because its been on longer

  • Lillian

    I caant believe you guys would cancle it I was waiting and hoping …. ABC you guys suck!

  • Caitlyn

    I will refuse to watch abc family until they bring back The Lying Game even stop watching Pretty Little Liars. Goodbye abc family! Until you bring it back I will not watch any show. Have a terrific day ruining more dreams and amazing tv shows!!

  • tvfan

    I liked the show, but the pace could not hold viewers’ interest.

  • Bailey

    I can’t believe they canceled The Lying Game! My two favorite shows were The Lying Game and Kyle XY and ABC Family canceled both!!! I don’t really want to get hooked on another series from ABC Family because they will probably cancel that too! They should at least give it a proper ending!!!

  • Rachel

    Bunheads is an unspoken cancellation. C’mon now.

  • Wendi M

    This is the biggest disappointment they cancel a show that us obviously watched by many to bring in new shows that are just remakes of the ones already playing and are stupid and pointless! Pissed is an understatement

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