'The Lying Game' Canceled After Two Seasons by ABC Family

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July 15th, 2013


According to several sources, ABC Family's The Lying Game has been canceled after two seasons.

  • Lovin Twisted

    Don’t jinx Twisted I really am enjoying the show hopefully the ratings will keep climbing up. Also, pretty little liars does drag a storyline forever it gets frustrating after awhile.

  • Andrea Sang

    I am not a child nor a teenager but a middle aged woman who has a daughter. I started watching it with her and love the show. The Lying game has a very strong following and would have continued to do so. I know our outcries are not worth anything because once the show is cancelled the actors quickly start looking for other forms of employment. I really do not know how you base your cancellations on but every week when I went into school the day after the show was televised, all my students were talking about it. The novelty of PLL is starting to wear off. If you keep introducing shows and then cancelling them before their time, you will start to lose viewer interest and become a has been network. Look at TBS and Fox? The show had good writers and did not week after week leave you getting confused like PLL. Answers were delivered in a timely manner and something new developed to keep the audience intrigued. Maybe what ABC family should do is not base it on the Nielsen ratings so much but start asking the parents that are educated and can speak for a larger population what is good on tv these days. I for one would love to tell you what America wants and needs today. Call me and we can have a chat. I hear from the viewers first hand. You have lost a viewer and a half. We are so getting tired of PLL that my daughter does not even watch on the showing night but online a few days later. This is the trend of many of her friends now. Bad mistake ABC family. Keep cancelling shows like this and noone will care what you premier anymore.

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