'The Newsroom' Premiere Draws 2.2 Million Viewers; 'True Blood' Notches Season High 4.5 Million Viewers

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July 15th, 2013


Deadline reports that 2.2 million people watched Sunday’s Season 2 debut of The Newsroom — up from last year's series premiere, which attracted 2.1 million viewers. Including the encore, The Newsroom delivered a total of 2.6 million viewers.

One hour earlier, True Blood notched its biggest audience of the year with 4.5 million viewers.


  • Brian

    Yes!! Looking like there will be a season 3.

  • DSC

    true blood was just renewed for year 7. these are good numbers for TN. hope we see a 3rd season order soon

  • reallypeople


    Do I buy into the HBO spin and congratulate The Newsroom for being up (albeit a mere .1 million… so basically it’s a statistical tie). Or, point out the reality that True Blood gave it a lead in of 4.5 mil viewers, of which it could only retain 2.2 mil of that number.

    Honestly, True Blood’s lead in is being wasted. They should be using it to launch another show that can reach GoT or TB numbers. Or at least get into the 3 mil mark.

    Oh yeah, True Blood was up too… but honestly, it’s in the same boat as The Newsroom… the increase is so tiny why even bother to mention it? (And yeah, I know someone will say up is up).

  • Anon

    I don’t really think The Newsroom got those numbers because of True Blood. If you think about it, True Blood has no commercials so it usually has about ten minutes left before the program that follows. People tune out. Same with Game of Thrones and Veep.

  • toons

    relax… most people who watch these shows watch on other nights or hbogo or on demand etc… the live broadcast is just 1 part of the whole picture… but when the first part of that picture looks good… the rest usually follows… i think hbo knows what they are doing lol

  • samurai99

    As, I was hoping for slightly better newsroom numbers. Looks like Ray Donovan is cutting into it’s audience a little.

  • RS

    The ability of HBO to launch another Game of Thrones or True Blood hit is limited. Those shows are expensive to produce, given all the special effects. In addition, I guarantee you HBO doesn’t want to get pigeon-holed as an upscale SyFy. They need more mainstream drama content to round out their network portfolio for people who aren’t interested in supernatural or fantastical shows. In addition, retaining the numbers as strongly as last year is a good sign for a sophomore show.

    Not every show can be a network’s best show.

  • joethehobo

    @reallypeople, While I agree with you that True Blood is being wasted in having Newsroom right after it, is that Newsroom’s fault or HBO’s? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think True Blood and Newsroom have much crossover. I love Newsroom and can’t stand True Blood. I’m sure most people feel the same. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying my form of entertainment is better than someone else’s, but comparing two shows like True Blood and Newsroom on a premium cable station like HBO is subject to some special circumstances that isn’t offered to the homogenous programing of broadcast retention.

  • BTDubs

    True Blood and The Newsroom have absolutely nothing in common. Although I watch both, I can’t imagine the audience crossover between these shows is high.

    I feel that Boardwalk Empire and Newsroom would be a better fit, but I’m sure HBO’s analysts have determined that it is best to air a show like Newsroom in the summer. Since there are limited options on where to place it, voila, it’s after True Blood.

  • Samunto

    Newsroom was brilliant last night.

    It felt so good to finally have such a class A drama on the airwaves again.

    True Blood has just become a fun show to watch. Disappointed at the start of the season but the last 3eps have been good. It’s lots of fantasy and good writing which has become more comical and rendering the show a nice comedy edge. I mean, it’s season 6 and we no longer even roll our eyes when a vamp is feeding! Already better than last season’s first 5 eps.

    Good job HBO!

  • tim_m

    Overall its the networks 4th highest rated show. Since its debut it has consistently kept half of the viewers of True Blood and this year it premiered the middle of summer. It not only kept its numbers but slightly improved them. I can’t imagine the execs at HBO being anything but overjoyed by this. I would be shocked if a third season isn’t announced before long.

  • Samunto

    I agree. Not the same audience at all. I watch both shows too.
    HBO is only hoping for those extra lazy eyeballs that stay on after True Blood.
    Also, a nice Lead-in never hurts.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Another Aaron Sorkin liberal show like “West Wing,” which I watched only to see the great Martin Sheen. I saw both last year’s finale and the new episode and I would have to say this is a totally inaccurate portrayal of cable news and broadcast news in general. Do you think that ANY journalists and producers have all that time to contemplate moral issues, like a typical Aaron Sorkin-view-of-the-world?

  • Miles R.

    This is great news for True Blood. Very pleased to hear about the seventh season renewal as well. Hopefully next years season will go back to twelve episodes versus this years ten. Wishful thinking, would love to see Game of Thrones switch to twelve episodes a season too. Please HBO!

  • RW

    The Newsroom’s first season was uneven at best but last night’s premiere was excellent. I’m encouraged. I have a feeling it’s going to be the best thing on TV this summer.


    Idk what some people were watching, but Newsroom was a big let down. Reminded me of what was the horrendous end of season 1. It pace was slow & content dry. What do the viewers get teased with… How Maggie because a syco path with short freakishly red hair. Yay? The flashback type deal reminds me too much of Damages. That being said- ill still continue watching it. But the premiere was nothing like Season 1’s


    How Maggie Became*** edit from post above^^^

  • Juan

    As expected TB is back in the 5.5m range on the night. That’s about the same as S5 at this point. A better than 6m finale is in sight. The Sopranos routinely drew over 7m, so their isn’t great separation there. HBO saw great growth during the rise of those two shows. TB peaked in S3 & HBO reached 30 mil subscribers. It’s fallen below 29 mil since. HBO isn’t stupid. They know what TB means to their subscriber count. When it finally ends another supernatural series from the same production company will likely replace it.

  • Brian

    Dislikers of The Newsroom seem not to realize that it’s the 4th most watched show on the network. It’ll be around for a 6-7 season run.

  • Bobuless

    second season premier was totally up to my standards and i’ve already watched it 3 times.

    love this show and I am really hoping to see a 6-7 season run. as for the True Blood lead-in, I never could stand that show. I tune in to the newsroom right after Dexter ends, and watch Ray Donovan on demand.

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