'True Blood' Renewed for Seventh Season by HBO

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July 15th, 2013

trueblood season 6

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LOS ANGELES, July 15, 2013 – , it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. New episodes of the series will debut in summer 2014, with executive producer Brian Buckner returning as showrunner.

“TRUE BLOOD remains a signature show for HBO, and a true phenomenon with our viewers,” noted Lombardo. “Thanks to Brian Buckner and his talented team, the show continues to be a thrill ride like nothing else on TV.”

Mixing romance, suspense, mystery and humor, the show takes place in a world where vampires and humans co-exist, after vampires have come out of the coffin, thanks to the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood that means they no longer need humans as a nutritional source. The series follows waitress and part-faerie Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who can hear people’s thoughts, vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and vampire Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård). Alan Ball (creator of the Emmy®-winning HBO series “Six Feet Under”) created the show, which is based on the bestselling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.

The sixth season of TRUE BLOOD, which launched June 26, has inspired critical raves, with the Boston Herald praising the show for “suspense, surprises and crackling dialogue,” while US Weekly noted that the show’s “cheeky humor and vivid imagination are still there to relish,” and the New York Post called it “bloody hilarious.” According to early data, the show is already exceeding ten million viewers per episode.

For more on the series, visit facebook.com/trueblood and twitter.com/TrueBloodHBO #trueblood

Season six credits: TRUE BLOOD was created by Alan Ball; based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris; executive producers, Alan Ball, Brian Buckner, Gregg Fienberg and Alexander Woo; co-executive producer, Angela Robinson; supervising producer, Robin Veith; co-producers, Kate Barnow and Christina Jokanovich.

  • Richard

    I don’t believe it was ten episodes because of her pregnancy, Claire Danes was pregnant but Homeland was still twelve episodes.

  • TimsDale4ever

    Glad it’s renewed. I don’t know what happened in the last few seasons, but a show doesn’t require 800 cast members with 500 different plot lines all going on at once to be good. A smaller cast with less storylines (like the first few seasons) would make this same show so much more enjoyable to watch — and get this – cheaper to produce as well!

  • kat

    I think the season renew is premature. There are an awful lot of rumors that Eric may be dying this season. If that happens I completely cancel HBO on the spot. The show turned into a mess after season 4. They are working on fixing it but Eric dying would be a show ender in my opinion.

  • Josh

    This season is better than last so far… by a lot. Should have many more seasons to go…

  • samurai99

    This will certainly be the last season. The viewership is falling and all the actors contracts run out next year.

    Hopefully hbo picks up American gods or monster to fill the gap.

  • MrMd001

    @rockmypants-Game of Thrones is one of the best shows ever. If you don’t watch it I feel bad for you buddy. Kind of reminds me of a T.V. version of Lord of the Rings.
    @Rex- Man, what are you smoking crack don’t get me wrong True Blood is a very good show but comparing it to the Wire is pure blasphemy. The Wire is in my opinion the greatest T.V. Show ever made, shows like Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, can only be compared but still don’t hold up, because they focus on one central character. The Wire is in actuality based on what really happens in real life. It focuses on different Infrastructures of Baltimore. The realism cannot be compared to the latter.

    True Blood I believe will be finished after Season 7, It’ll be very hard in my opinion to continue on seeing how Game of Thrones is becoming HBO’s cash crop and #1 show. And whichever central character is killed off be it either Eric or Bill. There will be serious repercussions heading into Season 7.

  • buttondiet

    Season 7 won’t be the last, but it will be 10 episodes again. It wasn’t reduced from 12 just because Anna was pregnant.

  • toons

    4.5 million this week… i dont watch it but that’s like awesome isnt it? i believe that matched or was higher than last year equivalent episode

  • Juan

    True Blood is easily the 2nd most profitable show on HBO right now. Since it’s budget is 1/2 the cost of GoT it will need to drop to 3rd on that list before they consider canceling it. It drew 5.6m on it’s premiere night which still puts it in range for 6m on the finale. True Blood always finishes the later part of it’s season strong. If it does that, we’ll be reading about an 8th season renewal this time next yr. The fact some actors contracts are expiring next yr is immaterial. A season of TB cost less than a season of BE & HBO kept that around despite massive loss of viewers from the 1st yr.

    GoT is no LotR. It’s soft core porn in the sword X sorcery genre. It has it’s moments but it’s easily one of the most over-rated shows on TV. When you require expensive epic battles to reach True Blood’s level you’re ratings are always suspect. Eventually that stuff gets old.

  • Victor

    True Blood is my fav show.. it’s weird, trash, gore, sexy, and the cast is f* awesome

  • Jeffk

    This season of True Blood has been such an improvement! Personally I think it is the best since Season 2. I’m so happy it’s renewed, which means I’ll be getting that 10 + 10(?) Game of Thrones + True Blood again next year :D

  • reallypeople

    Awesome news!! And well deserved.

  • shoes


    I was talking about game of thrones not true blood. And if you were talking about fame of thrones you’re wrong.

  • samurai99


    Sorry, but girls is easily the second most profitable show on hbo. It gets 5 million viewers per episode, about half what true blood gets on one tenth the budget.

    The fact that the actors contracts will run out next year absolutely matters because the cost of making the show will spike.

    And watching a true blood fan dismiss game of thrones as overrated softcover porn is the most hilarious thing I’ve read this year.

  • Juan

    Wrong. Girls does not draw 5mil on it’s premiere night. That has to be a cum avg & True Blood easily exceeds more than twice that. The sex in Thrones is vulgar. The sex in Blood is beautiful. Even when it’s animalistic it’s still a thing of beauty. The only women in GoT that is worthy of guest starring on True Blood is the dragon queen blonde. Her rise to power is the main reason the show lept to True Blood levels. The rest of the chars are drab.

  • Juan

    Let me know when Girls is shown in as many countries as True Blood & when its’ revenue from merch & video sales amounts to even 1/50th what True Blood brings in. They sell just about everything under the True Blood name these days & at one time they even sold their own brew.

  • ChadCronin

    I’m waiting for a new excuse for them to do 10 episodes for any remaining seasons. I think it works out well numbers wise as they were up to 60, this season makes 70 and season 7 will be 80. They might as well do 2 more seasons through 9 at least to get to 100. I wish they would get more main characters that are male to get fully nude. Enough with the nudity avoidance with shadows and leaves. They need to keep on making the show funny and keeping the main characters interacting while still bringing in new people who are interesting. I think this season is going back in the right direction and I can see it lasting the 3 more years I want

  • samurai99


    Girls doesn’t need to draw 5 million it’s premiere night. It makes them all up on hbogo, and hbo does not care about the difference. Girls airs in just as many countries, and your delusional if you think it’ merchandise sales make up for the massive difference in production costs.

    Every single character on true blood dreams of possessing one tenth the acting skills of the average game of thrones character. You are a joke if you think true blood compares.

  • huldu

    Haha, final season? Are you crazy. They’re milking the sniznit out of True Blood which has been seen the last few seasons. It’s going to get worse, a lot worse…

  • Juan

    HBO spouts cum views because it’s good spin to attract new subscribers. In reality it’s a crap stat because it doesn’t measure unique viewers. If one person has HBO, & shares their GO with 10 friends, the show gets 11 views for 1 subscriber.

    HBO shows overseas do not neccessarily air on an HBO channel. Girls is not seen in as many nations as True Blood. Check the wiki & stop spouting stupidity.

    As for the acting talent in GoT vs True Blood it’s no comparison. GoT resembles wooden chars on a board compared to True Blood. Most of the chars don’t even resemble humanity. Their best talent was Boromir & they killed him in S1.

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