'The Glee Project' Canceled After Two Seasons by Oxygen

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July 16th, 2013


The Glee Project has been canceled after two seasons. The decision was reportedly made several weeks ago and is unrelated to the recent death of Glee star Cory Monteith.

  • Dan

    The decision was reportedly made weeks ago. Well what perfect timing to announce it now then

  • Detector

    How can a comment like FLOP Detector’s be allowed to be posted?

  • BJG

    Geez! Not a good week for Glee! Divorce! Death! Reality Show Cancellation! :-(

  • Sauce

    Man, that sucks. I heard people were dying to get on this show.

    Aaaaand I’m going to Hell.

  • AniMatsuri

    The usual its on hiatus then cancelation announcement.

  • Tyson

    Even before Cory Monteith’s death, there was doubt Glee would last beyond May 2014. Hence, no more need for actors to debut on the show. If unrelated, the announcement’s timing is horrible. Wait until after the funeral at least.

  • Ekras

    I heard they aren’t even going to bother bringing Glee back since it almost got cancelled last season anyway and they don’t have time to rewrite the script and stuff so they are just gonna axe it.

  • Dan

    @Tyson – Well the show was renewed for 2 seasons so the series will last through at least May 2015 though something tells me that Season 6 will be the end.

    I wonder how/if this will affect ratings for Glee when it returns.

    @AniMatsuri – The same went for The Lying Game. I wonder if we can go for a trifecta this week if ABC Family finally cancels Bunheads.

  • Dan

    @Ekras – Thats extremely doubtful

    @Detector – What did Flop Detector say, if you can mention it. If not then don’t worry.

  • Alan

    It had extremely low ratings even if it was from the Glee franchise. Not that shocking..

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