Guess the Ratings for the 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Watch N Sniff Season Two Premiere (Poll)

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July 17th, 2013


Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is many things. Some have accused the show of exploiting its titular star, and perpetuating stereotypes about so-called "rednecks".  But hey,  the show did introduce the world to the concept of "Sketti", so there's that.

Tonight, the show premieres its second season, and this one is going to employ special "Watch 'N Sniff" cards (distributed in July issues of People and US Weekly) that will give viewers what they've (presumably) always wanted: the smells to accompany the sights of the world of Honey Boo Boo.

Last year, the premiere of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo earned a 0.8 adults 18-49 rating, and the finale rose to a 1.4 adults 18-49 rating. So how will the second season premiere tonight? Make your predictions below, and feel free to "redneckonize" in the comments.


  • Alan

    Maybe a 1.8

  • Cyrax86


  • k:Alex

    Every body knows who she is, and most of the time it’s the same thing over and over.
    Maybe people are really that stupid, but (like in the Southpark episode) it could deliver not that good ratings anymore.

  • AppleStinx

    It was reported that commenter Hillbilly secured a truckload of them cards and will host a sniff and scratch party for the premiere. It’s not clear yet whether they will watch. If they do, I’m guessing > 1.5.

  • cc

    There are some bored ass people out there who’ll watch anything if this show gets any ratings.

  • AppleStinx


  • Melanie P.

    @cc, you are totally correct! To watch people just sit around and act like complete idiots that have no jobs or no other type of purpose in life, is of no interest to me at all.

  • Why Watch

    Another show that would be insulting to any intelligent life form. I’d rather watch snails cross a floor than this group of losers.

  • rob60990

    I’m sure tons will tune in to see her fart on her hand.

  • TomSF

    More viewers than the number of calories that Mama June eats in a month?

    Are there even that many available viewers?????


  • cimmer

    I don’t want to guess, I think the outcome will be too depressing. lol

  • gg

    Honestly, I’m all ready to hate when I heard about it last season But when I saw a few episodes, the family actually came across as likeable lol.

  • C.S.Strowbridge

    Anything more than 0.0 and our species needs to be exterminated.

  • JRG

    I almost bought the Honey Boo Boo book. Every time I look at it I lose my appetite and I do need to lose around 30 pounds.

  • chozmaster

    Huh? What is this garbage? Makes me sad to be alive. Also, we’ve been using the term ‘sketti’ over here for decades!!!

  • platypus Perry

    I don’t watch this show. The only time I see any scens of the show is when Joel Mchale makes fun of the cast on The Soup.

    Also I seen the Mom and the Boo Boo beast errrrrr girl on Interviews on news channels And she was a spoiled, snotty brat I wanted to make her bald she was awful, and her mom was ignorant thinking it was funny. If this is what they act like I dont understand how anyone could stomach this for entertainment TV

  • Other than THAT Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?

    What a freak show – they should start a traveling circus and take the show on the road. People could try and guess the weight of The Human Thumb (Momma piggie) and figure out which of the is missing the most chromosomes.

    I once stumbled onto this while channel surfing and saw the Human Thumb dumping meat, condiments, eggs and other crap into a large pan and mixing it with her bare hands and calling it a “Mega Meal”? I just about threw up at the mere thought of eating that ungodly mess even if it was cooked at 5,000 degrees.

    While dont they do an inner city Hood version of this show? That would be racist I guess.

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