'Revolution' Season Two Trailer Released (Video)

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July 20th, 2013

revolution fall finale

NBC has released a new trailer at Comic Con for the second season of Revolution.

  • fourat sakka

    sooo coooooooool love this show !!!!!

  • Austin

    Can’t wait!!

  • Kissan

    Are they gonna show new trailers for the other returning shows?

  • mindaugas

    The trailer looks surprisingly good!

  • EmaPonche

    It looks amazing like its first season. Can’t wait.

  • james

    i was thinking the whole time how this season looks much better than the first…then aaron died :( im sick of the tough war people in this show, aaron was the only one who wasnt like that and without him its gonna take a bad turn :( hope they introduce more civilian-like characters

  • Amy

    How are Nora and Aaron dead, but Charlie still lives on???

    At the very least recast the part.

  • POIFanatic

    Looks better than season 1.

  • rgxx

    Love Charlie – she rocks – give her more air time and not-so much of her uncle!

  • Dan S

    Wednesday’s will rock with Revolution. I refuse to accept Aaron is dead.

  • Billiam


  • Amy

    @rgxx I hope you’re joking b/c she’s a HORRIBLE actress.

  • Chris

    At 0:45 you see there is all of 3 seconds before the warheads hit. So how exactly are they going to explain that the missile tracking system got re-wound (0:59) consider that time passed between the shots? (Plot Hole #1 of S2)

    Marshall needed the electricity to open the silos and fire the rockets, but when he committed suicide the rockets were no longer part of the equation. Wareheads detach from the rockets at the apex of the ballistic arc, and then just hit their targets via gravity. Nuclear warheads do not detonate with electricity, they do so with an altimeter which is purely mechanical to avoid the effects of EMPs from other nuclear devices being detonated nearby. (Plot Hole #2 of S2)

    So two more plot holes already? Kripke really has a strange way of talking. He keeps claiming that the show will be better than it was. He said it back just before the enforced hiatus ended, and again during the comic con. The last 10 episodes of S1 were not better, and if episode one of the new season is any indication, this is going to make Supernatural look believable.

    Aaron is the only ‘good’ person on the show. Killing him off is laughably incomprehensible (slightly less than nanites, so I am not saying it will not happen). That would leave no one for the audience to empathize with. Since we know the nanites are back to their full magical ability, and that they are apparently developing intelligence, either they, or Rachel’s horse pill (still inside her leg), will be used to save Aaron. This is nothing more than a hook, with another unsatisfying conclusion which brings up more plot holes (such as the fact that as long as the nanties are on, Rachel is immortal – they can literally reassemble and re-start her – from trauma that would kill Wolverine).

    So it looks like just more of the same, under the promise that ‘everything is going to change’. Three episodes is all I am going to give it. It may surprise me, but I seriously doubt it. Too bad since Jim Beaver (Bobby from Supernatural, and Ellsworth from Deadwood) is going to be on. That would have doubled the quality of acting on the show, which dropped precipitously when Marshal (Colm Feore) made his timely exit.

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