'Bunheads' Canceled by ABC Family After One Season

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July 22nd, 2013


ABC Family has finally officially confirmed that its low rated quirky dramedy Bunheads has been canceled after one season (which was split into two halves.)

Though the network waited until today to make the news official, both viewers and the show's producers have long suspected that the show was finished. The network did not order additional episodes after the first season concluded. ABC Family's new series The Fosters is significantly outperforming Bunheads performance last summer, which may sealed Bunheads' fate.

"Bunheads is a wonderful series that we are very proud to have aired. The series had amazing storytelling, the most talented cast and a passionate and loyal fan base. Recognizing all of this, we took extra time to try and find ways to bring the series back for another season, but in the end it simply wasn’t possible.  We wish the cast and crew the best in their future endeavors," stated an ABC Family spokesperson.

  • John A

    Sorry meant to say that im sure bunheads wasnt promoted when it aired either.

  • Brandy

    @Sam, LG had only 30 episodes and in most cases a show needs 88_100 for syndication(though there have been a few exceptions)& most cable shows dont reach syndication because of 10_13 episode seasons for most it takes six or seven seasons to reach syndication.
    I dont know who would let a child watch Bunheads_Michelled & Godt had sex,Michelled & Hubble had sex, and the last two episodes, the teens were planning to sleep with boyfriends and Ginny lost her virginity.The Fosters either, Jesus just turned 15 and had sex with, possibly impregnsted Lexi.

  • Tom

    I don’t believe that Bunheads failed because it wasn’t promoted. If you check the ratings, you’ll notice a major drop off in viewership after episode 6. The ratings rebounded once for the summer finale (episode 10), but then tanked for the last eight episodes. What fans like me remember are the occasional moments of near brilliance that were scattered throughout the show. However, there were considerably longer stretches when nothing seemed to be happening. Not to speak of the dead end subplots like Michelle’s visit to the guy who owned the private road.

    The big criticism of Bunheads was always that the storyline evolved too slowly. ASP acknowledged in an interview that the ABCF suits wanted her to accelerate the show’s pace, but she chose to disregard them. Her strategy might have worked on Gilmore Girls, but it clearly didn’t get Bunheads any traction. So, in retrospect, it’s reasonably clear that Bunheads most likely failed because its audience simply ran out of patience.

  • Chris

    I’m among the viewers who left after episode 6. Not because of anything specific, just because…well, I’d already seen “Bunheads” back when it was called “Gilmore Girls” (and was *slightly* less annoying).

    I don’t know if Sherman-Palladino is striving towards some kind of Platonic television ideal of “quirky free-spirited weirdos in eclectic tiny towns” through endless repetition, but as schticks go, I think it was already worn out by the time GG went off the air. Maybe some fresher ideas would’ve been a better choice for a new series, huh?

  • Tom

    ASP seems to be interested in deconstructing complicated female characters. In that respect, Lorelei Gilmore was at least superficially similar to Michelle Simms. The principal difference is that Michelle had no roots. That made her outlook significantly different than Lorelei’s.

    From a series perspective, the WB was willing to give GG time to find its audience. That took about three seasons. Clearly, ABCF wasn’t that magnanimous. What baffles me is that there’s no reason anyone should have believed that Bunheads would draw a bigger audience for episodes 11 – 18 without undergoing some major changes. That clearly didn’t happen. ASP kept up the same slow pace as before. According to her, the suits at ABCF also kept on requiring her to include too many subplots in each episode. In that she’s correct because that had the unfortunate effect of slowing up the main storyline even more. Moreover, forcing viewers to refocus their attention every ten minutes is no way to keep an audience. So, there’s obviously a lot of blame to pass around for the failure of Bunheads. What really bothers me, though, is that it’s doubtful if we’re going to see another ensemble cast as sublime as the one on Bunheads anytime soon.

  • Jermal


    You will see another great ensemble cast in a TV series maybe several shows we just don’t know if any of them will be successful.

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