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July 22nd, 2013

Under the Dome the Fire

For the past two weeks, Under the Dome has earned a 2.7 adults 18-49 rating. Though down from its first couple of weeks, that's a great number for a ten o'clock show, especially one airing during the summer with repeats as a lead-in. The question is will its ratings hold tonight, or will it fall like the pink stars that all the characters keep seeing? Make your predictions!

  • Dennis

    Under the Dome 2.5
    Mistresses 1.1
    Siberia 0.7

  • Dennis

    …I’m gonna change that for 2.6 for Under the Dome

  • mike

    Should maintain its audience.

  • Liam

    2.6 to a 2.8 range, I think.

    If people were going to tune out by now, the ratings would be down to the 2.0 region.

  • a p

    If UTD were opposite Revolution, my vote would go to UTD. I think Speilbury finally hit the “jackpot”.

  • Tom

    2.5 Let’s hope tether girl finally breaks free. Four episodes of that was excessive.

  • Jacobo

    2.6-2.7 whatever it gets it will still be amazing ratings wise

  • Anon

    I think it has shed all the viewers it is going to.

  • Freddy Arrow

    It’ll keep going down. Just about all serialized shows tend to keep falling throughout their season.

  • Mon

    The episode looks exciting from the promo so just from that I say 2.7.

  • rgxx

    I think it will remain the same – maybe a 2.5 or a 2.6 – but I still voted 2.7

  • POIFanatic

    Probably a 2.5

  • John A


  • CBSviewer


  • Simon

    Steady, like the past few episodes have been. The producers have said that they hope to be renewed during the Comic-Con panel and that the season will end in a hell of a cliffhanger, so that should lay to rest the ‘it’s a mini series’ – ‘it’s a series’ comments

  • Andrew

    I think it will be steady at 2.7

  • Andrea from Italy

    When I first heard of a series out of the book Under the Dome I thought that was gonna be a mini-series (I’ve read the book; it’s perfect for a mini-series). Now, I can’t find any reliable information on the internet, so: are there any chances (or plans) that Under the Dome will be renewed?

  • Mike

    Too bad siberia won’t rise

  • Dan S

    I’m predicting an uptick to 2.8. Either way the show will be back next year probably in the summer months again. At least Dean Norris from Breaking Bad will be staying busy with UTD.

  • Nikki

    im guessing it will stay the same as last week maybe higher.. 2.8. Also did anyone else see the girl from The Following who places clair is coming to under the dome. So i guess clair doesnt fair well after the stabbing. =/

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