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July 22nd, 2013

Under the Dome the Fire

For the past two weeks, Under the Dome has earned a 2.7 adults 18-49 rating. Though down from its first couple of weeks, that's a great number for a ten o'clock show, especially one airing during the summer with repeats as a lead-in. The question is will its ratings hold tonight, or will it fall like the pink stars that all the characters keep seeing? Make your predictions!

  • Why Watch

    A perfect show for a miniseries, but will run out of steam as a series, with the ratings slowing decaying over time if it does. So much potential, but they stick with the dull Junior/chained girl storyline.

  • AniMatsuri

    As long as most people think this is a mini-series the ratings could stay stable. When it comes back next summer is when the ratings will probably collapse.

  • Wanda

    Well … I don’t really know. I’m tuning out and I’ve heard a lot of talk of others doing the same. I’m going to go with 2.6 solely because I know people want to keep tuning in to see where it goes. I’d expect ratings to drop significantly next week or the week after if things don’t pick up story/character wise. I don’t know though. I really like the cast a bunch but there are just so many head slapping moments. I might give it another shot. I dunno.

  • HV

    How I Met Your Mother R 1.2
    2 Broke Girls R 1.2
    2 Broke Girls R 1.2
    Mike & Molly R 1.3
    Under the Dome 2.7

  • TV Viewer

    Holding steady at 2.7.

  • Bob

    I cannot watch Siberia again. I watched it on Hulu Plus yesterday (first episode) and was just disgusted by the whole death of one of the members. What the heck? I especially like the guy that died. He seemed to be the only decent person in Siberia.

  • Nikki

    So i just read that Bunheads is “close to cancellation” but nothing final yet. ASP husband said in an interview its on life support. =(

  • HV

    I wonder now if NBC having a different amount of viewers tonight may mean a different amount of viewers for Under the Dome tonight.

  • Dee

    2.6 :)


    The episodes keep on getting worse and worse. It’s becoming too laughable.

  • tv_viewer

    I’m going with 2.6 because NBC replaced Siberia for a news special for one day.

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