'Mr. Selfridge' Renewed for Season 2 by PBS

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July 22nd, 2013

Mr. Selfridge

PBS has picked up a second season of drama Mr. Selfridge, which stars Jeremy Piven as the founder of a department store, Deadline reports. Though generating far less buzz than PBS's flagship series Downton Abbey, the series averaged about 4 million viewers an episode. The second season will air in 2014 as part of PBS's Masterpiece Classic series.

  • Pants on Fire

    I thought it it had already been renewed. They made such an investment in the sets/special warehouse to maintain standing. Must have not been officially renewed until now but was always known internally. Not great but enjoyable none the less.

  • Tommy (UK)

    @Pants on Fire

    You’re right. It had already been renewed for a second season by ITV, the British broadcaster that airs the series in the UK, and that produces the series. I think this release refers to PBS picking up the series’ second season to air on their network.

  • Andrea

    “I thought it it had already been renewed. They made such an investment in the sets/special warehouse to maintain standing”

    The British network already renewed in February.

  • Ollie

    Err, this isn’t there show to renew!

  • Michael

    Masterpiece (the production brand used by WGBH) are a co-producer of the series along with ITV Studios. It is not something where they simply picked up the rights on the open market.

    Although ITV had already renewed the series from ITV Studios, this announcement will mean that Masterpiece will continue to invest in the production.

  • Pants on Fire

    Thanks all…probably should have read a little more carefully and then processed what I read…lol.

  • HT

    Whoever wrote this article needs an education in the fact that PBS purchased the rights to show the second season. Season 2 has been in production in the UK for a couple of months now. ITV renewed this show early in 2013. This headline is as absurd as saying PBS renewed Downtown Abbey or Call the Midwife.

  • Scott511

    The article says nothing about renewal, it says picked up. To me they are 2 different things. Picked up to me means PBS purchased another season of the show. Not sure how picked up got translated as renewed.

  • Scott511

    Oops I didn’t read the headline just the article. I see based on the headline where the confusion came in. Sorry about that.

  • City Kitty


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