ABC Family's 'Pretty Little Liars' Soars by Double Digits Week to Week; 'Twisted' Hits Series High Among Teens

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July 24th, 2013

Pretty Little Liars July 23 2013 Emily

via press release:

Soaring by Double Digits Week to Week, “Pretty Little Liars” is Tuesday’s #1

TV Telecast in Females 12-34 for 6th Time in 7 Weeks; Sweeps Cable TV’s

8 O’Clock Hour Across All Target Demos for 3rd Straight Week


“Twisted” is Cable TV’s #1 Telecast at 9 O’Clock in Target Millennials;

Tuesday’s #2 TV Telecast in Female Teens for 5th Consecutive Week


“Pretty Little Liars” (8:00-9:00 p.m.)


Surging by double digits week to week, “Pretty Little Liars” ranked as Tuesday’s #1 TV telecast in Females 12-34 (1.57 million/3.4 rating) for the 6th time in 7 weeks, the #1 TV telecast for the 7th consecutive week in Female Teens (661,000/5.6 rating), and the #1 cable TV telecast in Adults 18-34 (1.22 million/1.8 rating), Women 18-34 (912,000/2.7 rating), Women 18-49 (1.23 million/1.9 rating) and Viewers 12-34 (1.92 million/2.1 rating).


  • At 8 p.m., “Pretty Little Liars” was TV’s #1 telecast in Women 18-34 and Females 12-34 for the 7th week in a row, also ranking #1 across all TV in Adults 18-34, Women 18-49 and Viewers 12-34, and was the #1 cable TV telecast in Adults 18-49 (1.61 million/1.3 rating).


  • This marked the series’ 3rd week running registering a clean sweep across all cable in the hour across target 18-34, 18-49 and 12-34 measures.


  • Week to week, “Pretty Little Liars” soared by double digits in core demos, including by 21% in Total Viewers (2.86 million vs. 2.35 million), by 21% in Adults 18-34 (1.22 million vs. 1.01 million), by 30% in Adults 18-49 (1.61 million vs. 1.23 million) and by 17% in Viewers 12-34 (1.92 million vs. 1.65 million).


  • Half-way through the season, “Pretty Little Liars” is pacing for its best summer season on record in Adults 18-34, Women 18-34, Adults 18-49 and Women 18-49.


 “Twisted” (9:00-10:00 p.m.)


At 9 p.m., “Twisted” qualified as cable TV’s #1 telecast in the hour in Viewers 12-34 (989,000/1.1 rating) and Females 12-34 (859,000/1.9 rating), the #1 TV telecast in Female Teens (463,000/3.9 rating) and the #2 original cable TV telecast in Adults 18-34 (497,000/0.7 rating) and Women 18-34 (396,000/1.2 rating). Notably, “Twisted” climbed to a series high in Teens 12-17 (492,000/2.0 rating), and to its #2 telecast to date in Female Teens (421,000/3.6 rating).


  • “Twisted” stood as Tuesday’s #2 TV telecast in Female Teens for the 5th consecutive week and was the #2 scripted cable TV telecast in Females 12-34, behind only “Pretty Little Liars.”


Source: NTI Live + Same Day, 7/23/13.

  • Jacob

    The last scene in “Twisted” between the Masterson parents was so gross and uneccesary!

    Did anyone notice the constant pushing of “Twisted” during the PLL episode?
    As it got closer to the end of the hour, the intestitials were coming every two minutes.

  • TV#1

    Twisted is a really good show. So far it is the best original ABC Family series that I have seen. I wish more people were watching it.

  • tasha

    ^ i guess you’ve never seen “Greek”.

  • Alan

    I don’t think it was gross, parents have sex too and it’s pretty normal. Teen sex is the one that shouldn’t be shown at TV like something so great and amazing, that’s why Teen Mom and Sixteen and Pregnant exist lol, besides it’s not the first show that puts scenes of parents having sex (or kissing or whatever).

    Anyway, great for Twisted!

  • i luv nickelodeon

    Twisted and the fosters are my two favorite shows! So go twisted!

  • EmilyT

    Yay! Twisted! I think it’s giving PLL more viewers too. I was never a big abc family watcher, but Twisted got me hooked! I’ve now downloaded the season so far from amazon… I never do that! <3

  • Nicole

    I feel like Twisted is very similar to pretty little liars with a lot of the details, and they act too young. I only watched it once though so I guess maybe I should give it more of a chance.

  • Kimberly

    Yes the scene btw Jo parents was not cute … They r like my parents I don’t wanna see that ..

  • Jasmine

    I love Twisted. I used to love PLL but it’s not as interesting to me anymore. I do think Twisted is one of the best shows ABC Family has. Someone (Nicole) said the acting on Twisted is “too young” but I have to disagree. To me, I think the acting surpasses PLL. I think the writers have done an amazing job with Danny and Lacey, and I think Kylie and Avan are great – even down to their mannerisms. Avan is great playing a sociopath. Check out the preview for next week’s episode when Lacey talks about her friends to Danny, you can tell from her facial expression how much they mean to her without actually hearing her say it. Personally, I think the cast is perfect

  • david

    Great that PLL is up this week. The episode was great! I guess that is good for Twisted too.

  • Kim

    Danny and Lacey give me life on twisted! I absoutely love the show!
    The actor who plays Danny damn he is to fine!

  • Ami

    I’m SO glad Twisted is doing well in key demos because it just means we’re one step closer to getting the coveted backorder/season renewal we’re all hoping for!

    I’ve watched PLL since day one but, honestly, I’m tired of the endless mystery surrounding A and whether or not Allison is alive. It’s been stretched out long enough and the other issues (not in connection to “A”) within the series are just too weak/not poignant enough to keep me REALLY interested. Twisted, on the other hand, has me engaged with the dynamics of relationships (of all types), psychological aspect, the social conversations, AND the murder mystery. There are SO many things to talk about and I love that about the show!

  • jazz

    I love twisted! The writing, the cast, character development, the romance and mystery. I am hooked!

  • anon

    I agree about PPL it was entertaining for the first couple of seasons but now I feel as if the “A” mystery is never going to get solved. I really am enjoying TWISTED it’s become my guilty pleasure I hope more people keep tuning in so it can stick around for another season.

  • Kesh

    Love Twisted so this makes me happy, and PLL use to be my fav but then it just got boring and every season we don’t find out jack! I still give the show my ratings because Twisted comes on right after. Hope we get a season two because Danny and Lacey are my life lol, and if you haven’t watch and you’re looking for a good show Twisted is a must see!!

  • Anthony

    I agree with a lot of you. I used to love PLL, and then it got really really boring and then i ended up missing the third season, but when i started watching the third and now the fourth season, i was HOOKED, like i’m addicted to the point i’m actually gonna re watch the whole series again. Trust me, lots of secrets are going to come out this season, and you don’t want to miss it.

  • Lexi

    I love Pretty Little Liars! It is honestly the best show on tv. It is filled with intense mystery and nerve racking parts!! It definitely has the potential to gain more viewers which it does every single week! Which I think is absolutely amazing!!

    Twisted in my opinion is a boring show that takes some ideas from Pll. I think that the show is pointless and sometimes doesn’t include good acting

    sorry if I offended anyone that likes twisted???? I didn’t mean to lol Thanks!!

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