'Shake It Up' Canceled by Disney Channel After 3 Seasons

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July 25th, 2013


Disney Channel has canceled its live action comedy Shake It Up after three seasons, the Hollywood Reporter reports. By the end of its run it will have aired 78 episodes. The channel has not announced the air date of the final episode. More details as they become available.

  • AJ


  • #bravod

    RIP Shake it Up | 2010-2013 |

  • #bravod

    Such a great show and a talented cast! Bella and Zendaya both have albums dropping, are releasing books, and have lead roles in new movies coming out. And Shake it Up is ending as Disney’s top rated show, currently TV’s number 1 K6-11 and T9-14 show

  • Samuel

    I despise this show with a passion, but this is very surprising. It seems like they’re copying Nickelodeon’s strategy: cancelling all of their most popular shows.

  • mathew

    hated this show! but really surprised its cancelled. It had pretty good ratings

  • Tony JJ

    very surprised. Disney will be losing this and good luck charlie. Both of their most popular and highest rated shows.

  • #bravod

    Disney still has Jessie and Austin and Ally- very popular. And Disney must have high expectations from Liv and Maddie (it’s series preview did great), and Girl Meets World

  • Jacobo

    But they renew Dog With A Blog crap and cancel this. Shame, Disney Channel has officially ran out of ideas for their shows because all of them suck!

  • tom

    Just because Liv & Maddie got 5.7 million viewers for their preview does not guarantee them to make 5 million viewers for their regular episodes, let alone rate highly for the kids demo. Disney has fallen from their Hannah Montana days and now only 3-4 million viewers is a good score for them.

    I think it’s time Nick took the crown away from Disney.

  • #bravod

    Tom, nickelodeon doesn’t have shows getting 5 million viewers either LOL

  • TV Addict

    Sweet nibblets!! Wait, what show is this?

  • Kaylie

    Theyre losing GLC & SIU. Two strong Sunday shows. I guess theyre gonna replace it with Liz & Maddie and Girl Meets World. Those 2 shows could go to Sundays. I wonder how the scheduling will be set up. The new veteran/flagship show would be ANT Farm. But the way the ratings are, that title may go to Jessie or Austin & Ally.

  • Cheryblosen

    This makes me super nervous for ant farm. I only watch that and good luck Charlie on Disney channel. The only thing I watch on nick is Sam and cat

  • gg

    only 3 seasons but 78 episodes? lol

    Thats like a huge hit

  • Joe

    Disney Channel never cancelled shake it up, it ended because Bella Thorne has 3 movies she is gonna star in, this was announced since February, Hollywood reporter needs to stop saying cancelled liked, like good luck Charlie, it never got cancelled it ended

  • lisa

    Bella Thorne had movies to do in south Africa and another movie she is filming now so I Disney didn’t have a schedule to put it in so they decided to end it, but not cancel a show

  • NBC is awesome

    The show is ending after a very successful run. It was not canceled.

  • Jon

    Kid shows tend to last between 52-65 episodes, anything above that is a bonus,

  • Jojo

    Disney announced it will end back in February and the cast shared photos, if it was cancelled disney channel would have just chucked them out

  • Liv

    Very popular shows end in the hundred ie that’s so raven wizards and icarly, ending ( not cancelled) at 78 for 3 seasons is amazing

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