'Shake It Up' Canceled by Disney Channel After 3 Seasons

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July 25th, 2013


Disney Channel has canceled its live action comedy Shake It Up after three seasons, the Hollywood Reporter reports. By the end of its run it will have aired 78 episodes. The channel has not announced the air date of the final episode. More details as they become available.

  • Jacob

    DISNEY CHANNEL IS ABSOLUTELY SMART, AND MAYBE NICKELODEON, everyone know what’s happening with miley Cyrus and Amanda bynes, and I think that Disney channel is not making them last long to earn the title as a Disney channel princess like miley and selena and Demi , they want to be safe now , and that’s why Sam and cat shouldn’t last long, they are over 20 and they can do what they want now , and if something goes wrong on the way ( for example someone gets pregnant) nick won’t be happy

  • Nico

    Hollywood reporter also said good luck Charlie got cancelled when really it ended, bad reporting, shake it up did well rating wise and was popular international as well every Disney channel around the world has had a shake it up competition or theme or block

  • deni

    I am so disappointed and hope they change their mind. If they could keep Hannah Montana for four seasons which sucked, why can’t they keep Shake It Up which doesn’t ?. I really think that this is going to backfire on Disney Channel, they have chosen to lose their most popular show and I really believe that this is as stupid move. I wonder who the brains behind this decision was ?.

  • Luke

    Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up, A.N.T. Farm and Fish Hooks are all ending on Disney. They’ll be fine in the long run though. They still have Jessie, Austin & Ally, Dog with a Blog, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls as of right now and the upcoming shows Liv and Maddie, Wander Over Yonder, I Didn’t Do It and Girl Meets World. They’re currently in much better shape than Nickelodeon is.

  • cas127

    Would be nice if a “cancellation” and other “abstract” post tags (renewals, syndications, etc.) were added to the site.

    Such tags help blog visitors to easily find thematically related posts that interest them (= many, many page views).

  • Nathan

    As much as I love Zendaya, I could NOT watch this god awful show…GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • Nathan

    Dog with a Blog’s most recent episode premiered to 2.2 million viewers, despite being HIGHLY promoted, and it aired right a TBM encore (which did good)

    DWAB will be the next show to get the axe.

  • Nathan

    Correction: ….and it aired right before* a TBM encore, which repeated well.

  • #bravod

    Nathan, but the dog with a blog was at 7:30. Not the best time slot. And it wasn’t really promoted. Did have good promotion but not great

  • #bravod

    Disney will be just fine. Shake it up is ending in fall, Good Luck Charlie is ending in early 2014, and ANT Farm is ending in spring/summer 2014. Liv and Maddie will be replacing Shake it zip, GMW is replacing GLC, and IDDI is replacing ANT.

  • #bravod

    And Wander is replacing Fish Hooks

  • Jason

    I think they should just convert Shake It Up into a Soul Train/American Bandstand type show because there will always be new kids dropping by just to be on TV. Besides, Don Cornelius and Dick Clark always expected these things when they hosted.

  • Zohaib Rehman

    No!!!! This cannot happen! I loved this show

  • Psac

    Dog with a Blog needs to get put to sleep.

    (Not the real dog, of course, just the show!)

  • mathew

    why does everyone keep saying Ant farm is ending. I havent seen that anywhere????

  • mike276

    @matthew Jake short will be on another show and some of the stars tweeted that thanking for 3 years working on the show meaning its going to end but it hasnt been officialy announced yet (Ant Farm)

  • AJ

    They really need to cancel DWAB next. It’s not a good show. It would be a lot better if the dog didn’t talk… The concept is just ridiculous. DWAB couldn’t even make 3M last episode. It barely reached 2M… Seriously, DWAB NEEDS TO GO.

  • mathew

    @AJ its already been renewed for season 2

  • CS’ Revenge

    Nick and Disney comedies are really successful in originals and really successful in reruns but the really bad thing about them is that they don’t last that long. All of these shows on any network would run for at least 6-10 years with these ratings. Plus these shows do really well internationally and produce merchandise sales which is why Disney doesn’t need to air ads of other companies.

    There’s no way Shake It Up should be ending at 78 episodes and I felt like Good Luck Charlie could’ve been around for another 3-4 years at least.

    The good thing for Disney just like Nick did with Sam & Cat after losing iCarly and Victorious is that they always find a way to rebuild and Girl Meets World should be a huge hit for them and they still have Jessie and Dog with a Blog.

    I’m surprised Zendaya is staying with them she could be the next Beyonce and Bella is going to be huge star on the next level.

  • Nathan

    “..they still have Jessie and Dog with a Blog.”

    Are you implying Jessie and Dog with a Blog are the network’s two flagship shows? While Jessie is, DWAB is certainly not.

    I also disagree with on the length of kids tv shows situation. Did you see what happened to iCarly? The writing got stale, the cast got noticeably older, and the ratings went down, because the show sorta over stayed its welcome. The audience also grew up with the show, and they grew out of Nick’s target demographic.

    You also have to remember when a kids shows stay on for that long, there could be issues with typecasting, money, contracts, etc. Also, once the lead actress/actor reach 18 (or even 21), the network really has no control over them, and that could raise up a bunch of issues.

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