'Shake It Up' Canceled by Disney Channel After 3 Seasons

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July 25th, 2013


Disney Channel has canceled its live action comedy Shake It Up after three seasons, the Hollywood Reporter reports. By the end of its run it will have aired 78 episodes. The channel has not announced the air date of the final episode. More details as they become available.

  • Rollie Dethloff

    This makes my day! Easily the worst show on the DC!

    Good Luck Charlie could’ve gone up to 6-10.
    A.N.T Farm is the true shocker to me, that one could’ve went another season or two.
    Fish Hooks was crap in my opinion, and should’ve left a long time ago.

    As for the others…. Phineas & Ferb has become formulaic in my opinion, at least it’s always something new. At least with that show you can cast new actors to voice or add childlike effects. Dog With A Blog should be cancelled, and Gravity Falls and Austin and Ally are OK.

  • K

    Once Shake It Up leaves and Good Luck Charlie, Disney Channel will still be doing fine. They’ll have for Live Action A.N.T Farm (which could get cancelled), Jessie, Austin & Ally, and new shows Liv & Maddie, Girl Meets World, and I Didn’t Do It plus an Acquired show called Wolfblood. For Animated they’ll have Phineas & Ferb, Fish Hooks, Gravity Falls and new shows Star and The Forces of Evil and Wander Over Yonder. Disney is on track with their shows unlike Nickelodeon like some have been saying. They only like 3 or 4 Live Action shows that are performing terribly (except Sam & Cat) and they rerun SpongeBob EVERY DAY for 4-5 hours and their animated shows air new episode daily in the mornings when most kids are out playing, school, sleeping, etc.

    And Shake It Up was NOT cancelled, it’s just ending due to Bella Thorne’s schedule. Bella has 3 movies she’ll be starring in and she just doesn’t have the time to film a 4th season so it’s ending with an impressive THREE seasons with 78 episodes. That’s a lot. So this is bad reporting. v_v

  • mike276

    Fairly odd parents
    Legend of korra returns in september
    Sanjay and craig
    Thats it others are on Hiatus
    Live action
    Sam and cat
    The haunted hathaways (not sure it will be renewed since from a 3.3 premire to a 2.8 I see its RATINGS DROP and Awesomeness tv thats not even a sitcom thats it and BTR just ended on July 25 with a good ending
    Upcomming Live action “The thundermans”
    I see disney is getting on track while Nickelodeon is failing @K

  • mike276

    Disney will be fine after Good luck charlie shake it up with
    Ant farm (ends with its third season)
    Gravity Falls
    Phineas and ferb
    Fish hooks
    Wander over yonder
    Star and the forces of evil (Fall 2014)
    Dog with a blog
    Austin and ally
    Girl meets world
    I didnt do it
    Liv and maddie
    Wolfblood new Aquired show
    Win,lose,or draw ( game show

  • Marissa

    My son & daughter absolutely hated this show. Disney really isn’t offering anything good other than Good Luck Charlie, which I heard was ending? Nickelodeon offers better quality programming like that iCarly spinoff, Sanjay & Craig, and my son loves that show with the Turtles, but they have their fair share of bad programming too, but I guess what I say doesn’t even matter because I’m not even in their target demographic, lol!

  • jamie

    @Marissa, if you think cancelling shows before a 2nd season and airing nothing but Spongebob Squarepants all day is “better quality programming” then by all means, go ahead. Disney channel will be fine as they continue to put a diverse stable of hit shows on their network with different producers and diverse talent.

  • Marissa

    I’m sorry, did I upset you?

  • jamie

    No, just telling the truth. :)

  • Nathan

    Okay, who let @jamie out of the psychiatric ward?

    Welcome to Tvbythenumbers! Anything you do or say that has a negative impact against Disney Channel will be used against you here.

  • jamie

    Oh, Nathan, where were you this past week? Guess you couldn’t say anything negative about Disney channel on the top 25 or weekly ratings this week (which we all know you LOVE to do) once “Teen Beach Movie” and “Liv & Maddie” debuted with monstrous ratings, “destroying” Nickelodeon.

  • Nathan

    Sorry Jamie, I was actually having a social life, unlike you who just sits in your bedroom daily and j*cks off to pictures of Debby Ryan.

    We need to catch up! Xo!

  • jamie

    Nathan, you’re talking pretty ironic there considering how we know you spend you’re days.

  • Nathan

    You should spend your days taking grammar lessons, its *your not you’re.

  • Nathan

    Oh god..now Jamie’s stupidity is starting to get to me. I forgot to add the apostrophe to my it’s!

  • Phil

    good riddance! Didn’t care for this show!

  • Nathan

    “Good riddance” indeed. :)

  • mits

    ant farm got renew for season 2 until the end of November 2011, season 3 was on October 2 2012. This is still July, wait until it later in the year.

  • Alan

    Finally htey are getting rid of their crappy shows, DC should cancel everything and start with new shows! (Which is very unlikely to happen, but one can dream).
    Their best era was the one with That’s so Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens and others.

  • Alan

    The difference is that Hannah Montana made a lot of money for DC, so the longest they kept it, more money they made. Miley became super famous, while Bella Thorne and Zendaya are still pretty unknown everywhere.

  • Joe

    any why this be of any importance? This show was crap.

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