'Shake It Up' Canceled by Disney Channel After 3 Seasons

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July 25th, 2013


Disney Channel has canceled its live action comedy Shake It Up after three seasons, the Hollywood Reporter reports. By the end of its run it will have aired 78 episodes. The channel has not announced the air date of the final episode. More details as they become available.

  • 728huey


    A pretty good synopsis of Disney’s and Nick’s lineups, but don’t forget that Nick also has Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, and House of Anubis. The other big difference is Disney broadcasts 24 hours a day but Nick only broadcasts 14 to 16 hours depending on the day of the week. So Nick doesn’t need as many new shows as Disney Channel. Having said that, Nick’s lineup is pretty thin. They have already ended iCarly, Victorious, and Big Time Rush and cancelled How To Rock and Supah Ninjas, but most of their replacements (Marvin Marvin, Wendell and Vinnie) are struggling, so they need some solid hit shows badly.

  • Robbie Bishop

    I enjoyed this show, to be honest. But the end was obviously coming soon. Most Disney shows have around 3 or 4 seasons, right?

  • Mike276

    1st Marvin Marvin got cancelled
    And house of Anubis move to teennick ended and Dora and go Diego go is for Nick jr.

  • Anthony


  • mike276

    Disney shows last 4 seasons, its unusual to last 3 seasons but sometimes they do but hopefully disney can give the show a propper ending not like a crappy episode ending for victorious @Robbie Bishop

  • MJ

    Did rather well, just hope it gets a proper finale. Caroline Sunshine and Bella Thorne are two cool ladies and pretty too. Good luck to them, Zendaya I don’t like you.

  • Andrew

    Another teeny bopper show is done:)

  • Glue

    Odd that this show didn’t last 4 seasons. And Bella can’t act so how she got three movies scheduled is beyond me. Shake it Up did well in the ratings and I highly doubt that the reason this show is ending is because of her. It’s sad, though. While many hated this show, many liked.

    Also, ANT FARM is ending? Since when?

  • Greg

    I wish the rest of TV would work like Disney and Nickelodeon, where their most famous shows last only four seasons and no more (iCarly is an exception to this, obviously).

  • mike

    Cant believe it/

  • Bob

    I feel so bad for Zendya…She is so nice. I hope she will be able to get something else. Hope this is not the end for her.

  • KJ Styles

    “The show is ending after a very successful run. It was not canceled.”

    Exactly, this headline should be fixed. The show is only ending because the cast members have moved on to new projects, not because of ratings.

  • KJ Styles

    It’s funny how people on here are saying that ANT Farm is ending, I did a google search and found NOTHING saying that.

    I hope that’s not the case. ANT Farm and Jessie are the only shows I watch on Disney.

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