'The Talk' Delivers Its Largest Weekly Audience Ever; Matches 'The View' in Key Demographics

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July 25th, 2013

The Talk July 2013

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The Last Three Weeks of Original Broadcasts Now Comprise "The Talk's" Three Largest Weekly Audiences


Matches "The View" in Key Women Demographics

THE TALK, CBS's daytime talk show, delivered its largest weekly audience ever last week, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending July 21.


THE TALK averaged 2.62 million viewers, +3% better than last week.  The last three weeks of original broadcasts now comprise THE TALK's three largest weekly audiences.


Among key women demographics, THE TALK averaged 1.1/07 in women 25-54, 0.7/04 in women 18-49 and 0.4/03 in women 18-34, all tied with "The View."


THE TALK's last three weeks of original broadcasts

Week of June 24                     2.544m

Week of July 8                        2.542m

Week of July 15                      2.623m


Editor's Note:  The holiday week of July 1 was primarily rebroadcasts.

  • mike

    I dunno


    I think whats working with the Talk now in its almost fourth season. The show finally has a cast of girls that gel now. The chemistry is apparent in this cast and the show feels more fun and younger then the View. The View needs an overhaul something feels boring about it and stale. Its been on 16 years and going on season 17 but it needs something fresh in the show. Its close to 20 years old and it needs a boost.

  • Michele

    I don’t see Jenny Mac helping the View rebound in the ratings.

  • June

    Adding the girls from The Real Talk show to the View will generate ratings.

  • rob60990

    Those ratings for disastrous for The View.

  • rob60990

    are disastrous*

  • Mike

    Good job for The Talk.

    I wish the networks would give us more into on how the other shows are doing. Or someone would release a full breakdown of the networks for daytime.

    You never get that for daytime.

  • michele

    I wonder how the soaps did last week? I haven’t seen an ABC press release in a long time.

  • Sean

    Wow LOL @ The View….GH is a SOLID NUMBER 1 on ABC Daytime!!! All of ABC Daytime sucks except GENERAL HOSPITAL! GO GH!

  • Mike

    Well considering the fact that GH has lost over 400,000 viewers since January and have been down more of late than they have been up…that is not saying much.

    And of course that comes from GH’s most fickle fan. When GH is down he is no where to be seen and then he comes out of the wood work when GH is up.

  • Sean

    @Mike Awwww dont be mad, GH kicks butt!

  • Mike

    What is there to be mad about Sean. GH beats a show that I care absolutely nothing about.

    When GH beats Y&R, Price Is Right and B&B then come back and tell me about it.

  • Sean


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