“Hillary,” Starring Diane Lane, “Rosemary’s Baby,” “Stephen King’s Tommyknockers” and “Plymouth” Add to NBC's Growing Event Slate

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July 27th, 2013


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“Hillary,” Starring Diane Lane, “Rosemary’s Baby,” “Stephen King’s Tommyknockers” and “Plymouth” Add to Growing Slate

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — July 27, 2013 — In ramping up its commitment to longform and event limited series programming along the lines of “A.D.: After the Bible,” which was announced last month, NBC is in early development on a handful of new projects, including a behind-the-scenes look at Hillary Rodham Clinton, an updated retelling of “Rosemary’s Baby,” “Stephen King’s Tommyknockers” and “Plymouth,” based on the epic story of the Mayflower’s landing in America.

The four-hour miniseries titled “Hillary,” based on the life of former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, stars Diane Lane and will be written and directed by Oscar nominee Courtney Hunt (“Frozen River”). The miniseries will recount Clinton’s life as a wife, mother, politician and cabinet member from 1998 to the present. The script will begin with Clinton living in the White House as her husband is serving the second of his two terms as president. In the years following, she would eventually become a United States senator, run for president and, ultimately, serve the country as secretary of state.

Lane is one of the most well-regarded actresses working in Hollywood today. She is a three-time Golden Globe nominee (feature films “Unfaithful,” “Under the Tuscan Sun” and TV movie “Cinema Verite”) and is an Independent Spirit Award nominee (“A Walk in the Moon”). She has also been nominated for two SAG Awards (“Unfaithful” and “Cinema Verite”).

Lane has also been nominated for two Emmy Awards: “Cinema Verite” and as a lead actress in “Lonesome Dove.”

Sherryl Clark of Busted Shark will serve as executive producer along with James D. Stern and producers Julie Goldstein and Lucas Smith of Endgame Entertainment. Stern was a producer on the critically acclaimed motion picture “Looper” and was nominated for both a Gotham Award and Independent Spirit Award as producer on the film “I’m Not There.”

Rosemary’s Baby” is a four-hour updated retelling of the bestselling novel by Ira Levin that was later adapted as a feature film about devil worship and the complex relationship between a young husband and wife. In the new version, the couple lives in Paris where this edge-of-your-seat thriller unfolds. Lionsgate is the production company. Scott Abbott (“Introducing Dorothy Dandridge,” “Winchell”) will serve as writer on “Rosemary’s Baby.” Executive producers are Joshua Maurer, David Stern, Perri Kipperman and Alix Witlin.

“Stephen King’s Tommyknockers” is based on the renown author’s chilling 1987 novel about how the residents of a small Maine town deal with what they believe is an alien spacecraft that has landed nearby. Executive producers are Frank Konigsberg and Larry Sanitsky. Emmy Award winner Yves Simoneau (“Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”) is attached to direct.

Limited series “Plymouth,” which examines the challenges and drama of the Pilgrims’ journey across the Atlantic and the difficulties of settling in a new country, will be executive produced by Mark Burnett and Anne Thomopolous of Mark Burnett Productions, and Gina Matthews and Grant Sharbo (Little Engine). Oscar (“The Hellstrom Chronicle”) and Emmy winner (“NYPD Blue”) Walon Green will write.

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In late-night, NBC regularly delivers #1 broadcast results with “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” “Last Call with Carson Daly” and “Saturday Night Live.” NBC Daytime’s “Days of our Lives” consistently ranks among daytime’s top programs in the valuable women 18-34 category. The five-time, Emmy Award-winning NBC.com streams full episodes and provides original content for NBC entertainment shows online and through apps for mobile and tablet devices. NBC recently launched NBC Kids, a new Saturday morning programming block designed specifically to address the developmental needs of preschool-aged children. Programmed by the kids’ experts at Sprout, the nation’s first 24-hour preschool television channel, this new three-hour block will feature educational series that promote active, healthy lifestyles for younger children.

  • No_Lies

    I guess the Democratic Party has notified their media mouthpiece NBC that Hillary will be the candidate in 2016 so start campaigning for her now.

    Unbiased media my a**

  • Jon

    NBC: Under the Dome is doing great for CBS. Quick, see what King property we can get.

  • JR35

    NBC, harkening back to the days when network TV movies and mini-series were common and popular.

  • Stacy

    If nothing else, NBC will get a lot of free advertising. People will be whining about / cheering for the Hillary miniseries up until the day it airs.

  • rgxx

    NBC – you are sooooo obvious – for the love of all creatures great & small; stop campaigning for Hilary to run in 2016.

  • Parker

    I see the Republican TVBTN posters are already up in arms about the Hillary biopic. Clearly NBC made a good decision where generating buzz is concerned.

    Personally I’m interested in all these projects (but I’m old enough to remember the miniseries heyday of the 70’s/80’s). The Tommyknockers reboot will HAVE to be better than the uneven ABC 90’s miniseries, and Rosemary’s Baby sounds like good spooky fun. Finally NBC is taking some chances!

  • No_Lies

    Nobody is ‘up in arms’ about it. I happen to be a Democrat, but Hillary Clinton is the last person I would want as a candidate in 2016 and I am sick and tired of the 100% biased media in this country trying to force their favorites down the voters throats.

    As for ratings, I expect a Hillary miniseries to bomb like pretty much everything else on NBC.

  • Survivor Fan

    There is a law saying that NBC needs to give the Republican candidate equal coverage as Hillary Clinton (should she run). I cannot imagine that happening. I fear what may happen if she runs, but I think that we (the Republicans) have 2016 in the bag otherwise (who else would run for the Democrats- Biden?).

  • rk911

    wonder who will be playing the parts of the four dead Americans murdered in Benghazi? oh, that’s right…WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE!!?!!

  • Debkey

    I dunno…. there are just some movies that should never be remade… and in my opinion, Rosemary’s Baby is one of those.

    The original was sheer perfection. Why mess with that?

  • TV Viewer

    Made for television movies about Mayor Rudy Giulaini (2003 starring James Woods), and Senator John McCain (2005 with Shawn Hatosy) did not translate into sucess at the Presidental ballot box. I doubt if the film about Secretary of State Hilliary Rodman Clinton will have much effect one way or another on outcome of the Presidental election of 2016.

  • a p garcia

    I don’t think Hillary will run, because she doesn’t want to answer embarrassing questions about Benghazigate so I think NBC is throwing money away!

  • Michael1

    So, Diane Lane is playing the wife of a President, her husband played a different President, who was the son of a President, and his father played another different President.

  • Ike

    Oops, my apologies to the moderators for trying to post a link. I forgot all about the whole “We’re no longer accepting hypertext links in comments” thing.

    Anyway, my original point was that there were more attacks on U.S. diplomatic targets, by far, under the first Bush than under Clinton, more under Clinton than under W., and more under W. than under Obama. But the nuts screaming “Benghazi! Benghazi!” never listen to facts, so I don’t know why I bother.

  • No_Lies

    Ike – I’ll cut you some slack because I know that you don’t know the truth about Benghazi because the biased media covered it up in order to protect their favored candidate but here’s what happened – a coordinated attack took place on our embassy on the anniversary of 9/11. An American ambassador was murdered and his body was dragged through the streets while his murderers celebrated. Three other Americans were murdered trying to hold off the attackers. When trouble first started an American military team was nearby and was prepared to go in but they were DENIED authorization by the White House / State Dept. We know for a fact that people in the White House were watching these events unfold in real time and did NOTHING. Meanwhile our President was napping to rest up for a very important campaign fundraiser the next day in Las Vegas. Priorities. Then, to top it off, our White House and State Dept lied about what happened and tried to blame the entire attack on a protest over some internet video.

    Those are the actual facts. Stop watching MSNBC and do some research. These facts are all out there and accessible but will not be reported by the biased media in this country.

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