Will the Ratings for the 'Unforgettable' Premiere Prove CBS Was Right to Un-Cancel It? - Poll

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July 28th, 2013


Unforgettable returns to CBS after over a year's absence from its line-up. the procedural about a cop with photographic memory was canceled despite decent, albeit older skewing, ratings. Its season one finale on Tuesday, May8, 2012 averaged a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating. Then CBS reconsidered and resurrected the show as a summer series. Unforgettable has been heavily promoted and should have a solid lead-in from Big Brother, but it's competing with the biggest dramas on cable.  So how do you think it will fare? Make your predictions!



  • jlopie

    Yeah, this show was okay during it’s regular season run, but I didn’t miss it this past season. I’ll probably watch it for now, but I don’t expect it to do much better than 1.5 tonight and then drop down to 1.3 (or even lower) over the next few weeks.

  • erwanfromfrance

    I love Unforgettable, very famous in France : 7.6 million average for season 1.
    I hope for : – Big Brother 2.6% – Unforgettable 1.9%

  • jp

    Its something new and fresh for the summer amongst the broadcast networks. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t watch that much TV during the summer so with this on the air I’ll take a look. what does CBS have to lose?

  • Kenn

    The Killing, True Blood, Dexter. Why would I watch this? CBS just needs something that fills the time slot.

  • Samunto

    Funny how CBS considered a 2.0 low last year. It’s a solid procedural and though i wasn’t watching regularly i really hope that it does well.
    Optimistic 2.0

  • tom

    1.5 for its debut airing. Will sink further as cable will get more crowded on Sunday nights in coming months.

  • Jacobo

    I think i will watch it but I’m worried it won’t do well. Probably 1.5, isn’t too shabby but CBS has nothing else for the summer.

  • jessica

    Right to un-cancel it.
    Wrong to delay it ’til the end of July.

  • jessica

    Just finished watching it. Unforgettable has become completely forgettable. I loved it for being set in Queens rather than being another of the 4000 cop shows set in Manhattan. I loved the mystery of her sister. CBS has decided to relocate them to a major crime task force in Manhattan and have her abandon the search for her sister’s killer. 68 minutes ago i was excited for the return of Unforgettable. Now i wish CBS would cancel it.

  • Pepper

    1.5 and sure to sink week after week. Will be cancelled after this season for sure. No clue why they bothered bringing it back tbh

  • cheri


  • Double d

    Vegas and Golden Boy had better ratings even after being shifted around. We already have a cop show with a person with a photographic memory “Psych” and at least that has humor. Golden Boy was smart with great characters, and Vegas was a fun escape back to Old Wester good guys vs new East Coast bad guys. Nothing else like it on TV. But no, lets retread some old crapper ideas with mostly unreal unbelievable characters to pump and dump on the public. Thank god for shows like Graceland to help me forget why I don’t watch network TV anymore. Another talent show anyone!?!?

  • jessica

    Double d,

    Did you really sincerely just say Graceland is better than any incarnation of Unforgettable? Graceland is retread old crapper ideas with mostly unreal unbelievable characters pumped and dumped on the public. It was seriously boring in the first episode and the four after it weren’t any better. Within about 10 minutes of starting Graceland i was actually saying for others to hear “this is from the guy who created Hawaii and White Collar?”.

  • Phlox

    that white actress Poppy isn’t hot. they need to hire a beautiful actress if they want high ratings.

  • bluejoni

    Still forgettable !!!!

  • Double d

    Hey, Jess, I’m not sure what show(s) you could actually compare to Graceland, as I was able to do in my post, but you made my argument for me when you were disappointed that Graceland wasn’t like Hawaii 5-blow and White Ring around the Collar. Collar was solid for a year but just fell apart cause it too is a retread pump and dump crapper. A former criminal working to help the good guys….NO WAY…too original for me. And the other was an actual copy (except more native Hawaiians), and way too boring.

    Graceland is actually based on real events from a real house built around real undercover agents. Building a foundation for a long lasting creative show may be “boring” for some, but that’s what make great long lasting TV shows. Cheers,Seinfeld,Southland,even NCIS was a little boring it’s first year, so they made cast changes later to help keep the creative writing going.

    P.S. please leave the cool witty quips in my posts alone and come up with something original….or maybe another slop cop show where the criminal helps out the good guys…or a reboot of a 40 year old show say…The Man form Uncle or something like that. LOL

  • Jiji Moran

    Poppy is wonderful, and the stories may be alright.

    BUT, any new detective drama has to be EXTRA special and unique in order to succeed. Many of them have been cancelled during the past few years, and those remaining (with exception of the two NCIS’s) seem to be on a countdown to their demise.

    “Unforgettable” is not THAT special, sorry.

  • Jared

    Considering I have seen ZERO promotion for Unforgettable I wouldn’t be surprised if it bombs especially with the competition from cable on Sunday nights.

  • chris

    I’ve seen random commercials for it during y&r and b&b. They didn’t convince me that the show was worth watching.

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