E!'s 'Total Divas' Series Premiere Delivers 1.3 Million Total Viewers Sunday Night

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July 29th, 2013

Total Divas

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New E! Series Taking Viewers Inside the World of WWE Divas Both Inside and Outside the Ring Delivers E!’s Most Watched Series Debut Since “Married to Jonas” in August 2012

In last night’s series debut at 10pm, “Total Divas” delivered 1.3 MM Total Viewers / 855K A18-49 / 1.1 HH rtg making it E!’s most-watched  new series debut since Married to Jonas in August 2012.
“Total Divas” was the 2ndmost social program in all ad-supported cable for the day (65K), behind only E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”
Across both airings at 10pm and midnight, “Total Divas” delivered  2 MM Total Viewers and 1.3 MM in its core demo, A18-49.
“Total Divas” launched off the back of the continued strength of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” which delivered its 2ndmost-watched telecast of Season 8 with 2.8 MM Total Viewers.

  • Bill

    Will be interesting to see how it does after WWE tonight on USA Network.

  • CS’ Revenge

    Since the Kardashians almost got 3 million viewers this is a bad number as this show should’ve been made 10 years ago when they had more likable and better Divas.

    Divas division sucks compared to the TNA Knockouts division.

  • Merp

    A pretty decent premiere episode, I gotta say. I don’t find my opinion of the Bellas much changed after seeing this. They still come off as junior high-grade mean girls with limited talent, although I do have to admit what little training we got to see them do in this episode was miles better than anything I’ve ever seen them do in the ring. Natalya breaks my heart….such an excellent wrestler and a wonderful, classy lady who constantly gets shoved by the wayside to make room for the fresh, perky new talent. I love the Funkadactyls, especially “Naomi” (a.k.a. Trinity) so I’m really glad to see them featured on this show too. Ariane (stage name “Cameron”) comes off as the less professional of the two, which doesn’t surprise me from what I’ve heard and seen of her. I have to say though, that it makes me laugh to think of Brodus Clay telling her that SHE is a sucky wrestler, considering how not-exactly-thrilling he is in the ring.

    New girls Jo-Jo and Eva Marie seem to be potentially interesting, especially Eva Marie. IMHO, WWE creative doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing most of the time, especially with the Divas.

  • Mermaid

    E! should bring back Holly and Kendra. They’d get better ratings. The only good rating thing in this network is Kardashians.

  • Funeral Dinner

    Kind of surprising since many fans long for the female wrestlers of 10 years ago and have little or no interest in the current Diva’s. I don’t watch WWE anymore but I caught those Bella twins on Fashion Police and they didn’t seem to have much of a personality between them.

  • Evan Waters

    “Divas division sucks compared to the TNA Knockouts division.”

    Yeah but at least the Divas get paid a living wage.

  • Zee King

    “Divas division sucks compared to the TNA Knockouts division.”

    Yeah but at least the Divas get paid a living wage.

    That sucks even more Evan, cos the Knockouts should get paid way more than divas

  • Tmansback

    Not a bad rating. It isn’t like most WWE fans are watching KUWTK. I could be wrong. If they had this show on USA they probably get a bigger number. That said everything on E sucks except KUWTK. My bet you’ll see the ratings climb as more and more WWE fans watch.

    Only complaint AJ is the most popular Diva right now and she not in the show. It would have been nice if the newbies were actually getting airtime right now. Maybe in the future we will get a little Summer Rae.

  • Kas Dash

    I actually enjoyed the show. I thought it was well thought out in term of the balance between work and personal time. It was really cool to get a backstage insight into how things are run ,especially in Wrestlemania.

    However, what the hell is up with the Bella’s being the headline act for this show? I suppose it is because of who they are dating but seriously I don’t get how anyone could want them after the way they treated the new divas. Ruining the new girls photo op and asking them for more drinks like they were paid help!

    Bring me more of Natayla as well as Kaitlyn and AJ!

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