'Whose Line is it Anyway' Renewed by The CW for Expanded Second Season

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July 29th, 2013

Whose Line Is It Anyway Cast

The CW has announced that it has renewed half-hour improv comedy Whose Line is it Anyway for a second 24-episode season.

  • HV

    I hope that they put it on two episodes per day for 12 weeks next summer.

  • Ram510

    That seems like alot if episodes. I hope it’s not overkill. Maybe they’ll start the second season a little earlier

  • Jonathan


    I believe this calls for a quality revival of Match Game.

    There’s more than enough top shelf comics in LA to fill a panel.

  • Sparky

    Good to see it….was a great show in the past and thankfully the same guys are back to keep that going. What was the 4th guy that was part of the original line up – we have Wayne, the older balding dude (Colin?) and the guy that has been on Two and a Half Men (Ryan). Then there was the guy with glasses with the poofy hairstyle…..what’s his name?

  • Oliver

    Win, Lose or Draw is getting a revival on Disney.

    They should adapt one of the million successful UK panel shows.

  • Rich

    @Oliver:I,personally,would love to see US versions of “Golden Balls”(the title would need to be changed,of course)and “The Crystal Maze”.

  • Rich

    “QI” and “Never Mind The Buzzcocks”,as well.

  • Igwell

    Then there was the guy with glasses with the poofy hairstyle…..what’s his name?

    Greg Proops.

  • Rebecca

    Awesome – and yeah, bring on Greg Proops some time. There was another guy, too, a while back…a young guy with dark, short hair. He was probably on as often as Greg Proops or maybe a little less.

  • Guardian Owl

    The core 4th players’ were Greg Proops, Chip Esten, Brad Sherwood, and Kathy Greenwood; all of them did 30-50 episodes. The rest are in low 10s or single digits.

  • Rebecca

    I think it was Brad Sherwood I was thinking of. Anyway, great show.

  • Joe

    CW is a crap network.

  • happythey’reback

    I’m just happy they’re back. And if they ever get too old and want to quit, maybe the improv guys from impractical jokers could give it a shot.

    I do miss Drew Carey, and I love Colin M. and Ryan S. …so quick witted. And what a singing voice Wayne B. has.. I just wish the points mattered.

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