Will the Just-Renewed 'Under the Dome' Continue to Rise?

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July 29th, 2013

The Endless Thirst

Last week, Under the Dome rose to a 2.8 from the previous week's 2.7 adults 18-49 rating. Now that the series has just been renewed, will it continue this upward trend? Make your predictions below and tell us why in the comments!



  • John

    The cause of the Dome and the whole thing about what is it, even in the book is explained in the final 30-40 pages out of the whole book. This series has nothing to do about the Dome itself rather than living under the dome.

  • John A

    2.5. Whenever a show gets renewed it almost always drops a bit.

  • HV

    How I Met Your Mother R 1.1
    Mike & Molly R 1.1
    2 Broke Girls R 1.3
    Mike & Molly R 1.2
    Under the Dome 2.8

  • rgxx

    I like UTD but there are a few plots that they need not pursue…it looks like it’s getting real good as long as they don’t keep having secondary stories that have nothing to do with the dome or it’s effect or the effects it’s having on the town…this will only work for for maybe another season – then the viewers will grow tired of it…don’t ruin a good thing CBS…dragging it out for years on end WILL NOT WORK! When ratings start going down – don’t wait for a 1.5 – END IT!

    If you end it strong and then get another mini-series – it will be easier to gain and or keep viewership to what you might air next.

  • rgxx

    I think it will slip back but maintain a strong 2.7

  • rgxx

    OUCH!!! I was just on another site talking about UTD – a lot of people are going to stop watching b/c they thought it was a limited series – many are worried the plot lines will go on for a long time and CBS not finishing the show by cancelling it or plot lines that need not be in the series go on.

    You can’t tell me this was never a limited series – how could soooo many people think that and be wrong.

  • ParkerWyeth

    I just hope that it doesn’t drag on and gets to be really awful.
    Another topic: with Bunheads cancelled what show(s) will benefit?

  • Pepper

    I’ve liked the show so far but…….s2???? Miss me with that CBS

  • Jlopie1

    I don’t think the demo will fall much this week, might even gain a tenth as it was a very entertaining episode last week. But I’m in the crowd that’s not feeling too comfortable with the renewal – the only way I see it working for me is to get this thing wrapped up in Chester’s Mill and perhaps drop the dome on another city next season. Yes, the story is supposed to be about how individuals deal with being trapped where they can’t escape – but I can only handle this cast and their issues for 13 episodes at the best!

  • mike

    Wonder what -how long they survive.,in isolation

  • Dan S

    Steady as she goes I say 2.8 again. After trying to nuke it last week we can assume The government has nothing to do with it. Next season maybe they can trap congress under a dome until they learn to get along.

  • GARY

    Is Under The Dome the new Lost?
    It will be interesting to see where the writers take this.

  • tv_viewer

    I’m predicting a 2.7 for tonight’s episode of Under The Dome.

    Season 1 appears to cover two weeks and season 2 is likely to do the same. The question of fresh water supply appears to be answered in tonight’s episode. Medicine and electricity however remain unresolved issues. It’s fairly obvious that some characters that die in the book must live for a second season to make sense. If the story can be wrapped up in two summer seasons, most of the fans should stick around. If the producers try to extend the story beyond 2 seasons, ratings will be terrible by the 3rd season.

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